Xposed Framework For Nougat Coming Soon, Still in Works

Xposed is undoubtedly the best thing happened to the Android. With Xposed Framework installed, you can do anything on your Android phone that is possible through installing custom ROMs. So, it is a tool that lets you have all the tweaks and customizations in your Android smartphone that are otherwise possible only via flashing custom ROMs. We already have Xposed Framework for all Android versions except Nougat. Yes! We still don’t have the Xposed Framework for Nougat but the developers are working on it, and so, we are here to give you the update on the progress.


Development of Xposed Framework for Nougat has started

Back in November last year, we got the information that the development process of the Xposed for Nougat has started and a developer named rovo89 revealed it. XDA, the developers’ platform, is the number one source of all Android development projects and so, rovo89 has announced the status of the Xposed Framework for Android Nougat via XDA forum. As you might know, there are not much changes in Android Marshmallow as compared to Nougat. This was the prime reason why the development of Xposed Framework for Marshmallow took a very less time. But with the new Android Nougat, things are opposite. One of the major challenges that developers are facing in making Xposed possible for Nougat is the way Android Nougat handles the installation of apps.


We can install an app on Android Nougat very quickly and to make that possible with Xposed for Nougat, rovo89 said that it might take ‘hundreds of hours.’ He also mentioned that he could finish the whole development in 2 weeks, but the condition is that he has to work 24 hours, which is not possible. rovo89 said he is having only 5 hours per day to work on the development of Xposed and so, it might take a few more months for it to arrive for Nougat.Well, we hope to see the Xposed Framework for Nougat coming very soon, maybe in mid 2017. It will still take a lot of time because it is not possible for a single developer to complete such a large project in just a few weeks.  Here is what he said:

I have already done a lot of research and experiments for this and I’m currently trying to implement this. But as you can imagine, all of that is much effort and can easily take hundreds of hours. That’s net (working) time, not real time. If I worked on Xposed 24 hours a day, that might be done within a week or two. But, in the last year or so, my “time for Xposed stuff” was about 5 hours a week, sometimes more and sometimes less.

You can do the math yourselves… There are just so many other (non-technical) things that I need or want to do. If you substract the time it took me to build the new installer version, move the repo to a new server and restore compatibility with the Nov 2016 security patches, that’s even less time for new stuff. So yes, I’m still working on Nougat support, whenever my free time allows it, but I don’t have any idea when it will be done. Once it’s done, you’ll know.