Xiaomi Mi CC9 Pro has a 5,260mAh battery & 30W Fast Charging

Xiaomi’s upcoming phone, the Mi CC9 Pro, is in the news for quite some time now & so far, we know a lot about it & it is looking like an impressive mid-range phone from the brand. A couple of days back, the phone showed up on TENAA that revealed the key specifications & today, Xiaomi Mi CC9 Pro’s battery & charging details were revealed by the company.

So, the Mi CC9 Pro has a massive 5,260mAh battery, which is one of the biggest batteries on any Xiaomi device. It didn’t beat the Mi Max 3 & its 5,500mAH battery, but still, that phone was a phablet & this is a mid-range device. Well, the battery isn’t the only highlight, as there are some interesting facts about Fast Charging.

Xiaomi Mi CC9 Pro supports 30W Fast Charging, which can charge this humongous battery in just 65 minutes. So, from 0 to 58%, it takes 30 minutes & an extra 35 minutes for the rest of 42%. Do you want to know something interesting? Well, this 30W Fast Charging is faster than Huawei’s 40W Fast Charing that we see on the Mate 30 Pro.

So, While the 40W Fast Charging takes around 73 minutes to charge Mate 30 Pro’s 4,500mAh battery completely, Xiaomi’s 30W Fast Charging takes 65 minutes to charge the Mi CC9 Pro’s 5,260mAh battery fully. But how is that possible?

Xiaomi explains that the charging process is not linear & no matter if it’s 30W charging or 40W, no phone can always complete its charging process with peak power. Xiaomi gives an excellent example to understand this. Suppose you’re running in a race. In the beginning, you’re full of energy & hence, you start with your full speed. But, that speed doesn’t remain constant throughout & thus, speed will gradually decrease & you will reach the finish line with a speed that’s not similar to what you started with.

So, you can run for a longer time at the same speed as you started & that means your “jogging” distance shortens. That’s the concept behind this 30W Fast Charging, which beats the 40W Fast Charging.