Xiaomi HyperOS replacing MIUI, to debut with Xiaomi 14

This is reportedly a global change, not only for China!

Most people don’t know that Xiaomi did not start as a smartphone company. The first product from the brand was the Android-based MIUI skin, launched in August 2010. The first smartphone was launched a year later, the Xiaomi Mi 1, featuring the MIUI skin on top of Android. So far, we have seen 14 iterations of the MIUI skin, but it looks like it is time for a significant change. Xiaomi has announced a new custom skin named the “Xiaomi HyperOS,” which will replace MIUI.

This new skin will debut with the Xiaomi 14 series this year in China.

Xiaomi HyperOS

Xiaomi has not revealed anything apart from the name yet. But as per many sources, this won’t be exclusive to the Chinese market. The global rollout will begin in 2024, and apart from smartphones, Xiaomi will use HyperOS on its IoT devices and even EVs.

We know that MIUI is not among the most liked custom skins in the smartphone world, so it is an excellent opportunity for Xiaomi to refresh its software. Let’s see how the Xiaomi HyperOS turns out when it officially launches.