Xiaomi is ready to launch its eReader on November 20

Amazon’s Kindle lineup has the most popular eReaders not only in India but in other countries also. There are no other big names if we talk about the eReader market. But it looks like the Chinese tech giant “Xiaomi” is gearing up to give a fierce competition to Amazon’s Kindle by its new e-ink electronic reader that is set to go official on November 20.

The announcement was made on Weibo by the official Mijia account. The post reads, “In the vast sea of ​​people, the meeting is fate, since you are fortunate enough to be in the same car, or not together… read a book?” 

Xiaomi's eReader
Xiaomi’s eReader

In the post, it was written that the eReader would be crowdfunded like several of the company’s other products. The company also revealed the design of this eReader via an image, & looking at the image we can clearly see the thick bezels around the display. The Reader also has a single button on the top, which could be a power lock/unlock button. 

Rumors suggest that Company will skip the 3.5mm audio jack, and you would be able to connect your Bluetooth speaker or headphone. At this time, we have limited information about the product, but we hope, just like Xiaomi’s other crowdfunded products, the eReader would be affordable.

There are many questions, which we don’t know the answer like – Is Xioami building its own library of eBooks? Will Xiaomi partner with the existing eBook Providers? Will the device support audiobooks?

Do let us know your thought on this Xiaomi’s upcoming product & also tell us if you read ebooks. If yes, will you buy the Xiaomi’s eReader when it is available to grab?