Xiaomi 12S Ultra has the new 1-inch Sony IMX989 sensor

Xiaomi 12S & 12S Pro get the Sony IMX707 sensor

In May, Xiaomi announced its partnership with Leica and revealed that the first phone with Leica cameras is coming in July. Xiaomi has now officially announced that the 12S series is launching on the 4th of July, i.e., in a few days. The company also shared that there are three phones under this series named the Xiaomi 12S, Xiaomi 12S Pro & the Xiaomi 12S Ultra. All three are flagships, with the 12S being a compact flagship, whereas the 12S Ultra being the top of the line premium flagship.

Today, Xiaomi shared some details regarding the cameras on the three phones since the cameras are going to be the main USP.

Xiaomi revealed that the 12S Ultra features the largest phone camera sensor that Sony has ever made, the Sony IMX989. It is a 1-inch sensor & is jointly developed by Sony & Xiaomi. For comparison, iPhone 13 Pro Max has a 1/1.65″ sensor, and compared to that, Sony IMX989 offers 172% increased light sensitivity area, 76% higher light sensitivity, 32.5% increased camera speed & 11% increased startup speed. Xiaomi says this is the peak of the current mobile imaging hardware.

Speaking of the other two phones, the Xiaomi 12S & Xiaomi 12S Pro don’t have the IMX989. Instead, they get a Sony IMX707 sensor. It is a 1/1.28″ sensor that sits just below the IMX989. It offers 48% increased light sensitivity area & 49% increased light sensitivity compared to the Sony IMX766 that we have seen on a lot of phones.

Well, as Xiaomi always does, we will get to know more details about these phones in the coming days from the company itself. Stay tuned.