Wondershare Dr.Fone Review – Backup & Transfer Data On The Go

So, have you ever wanted a one-stop solution for all your smartphone needs?

From Data, recovery to easily transfer files between co android devices and backing up on PC, all wirelessly. This app does it all!

So, which app is it?

It is the app, which we found after trying out a bunch of other applications on Play store. It is called Dr.FoneWe believe that Dr.Fone is the one-stop solution for taking basic care of your smartphone.


Let us explain.

There must have been some instances in your life, where you’ve accidentally deleted an important photo of a person, and you want it back? Or maybe it’s your Ex’s contact details or call-logs or maybe messages.

You thought you could never get back the lost data. Until you saw this post.

If you’ve ever done that or just want to recover lost data like contacts, pictures, videos.Etc. then Dr.Fone is the app you need. Dr.Fone will instantly recover all the stuff which you’ve deleted and will present them in front of you. And, we’ve also tested with Whatsapp and Bam!  It did recover our WhatsApp messages and documents.

It must be requiring root…

Nope! You can even use it on a non-rooted device. It works equally well. But, rooting will unlock more functionalities present in the app.

So, recover your files, let us know in the comments below if it worked.

What else does this app do?

Apart from useful features like recovering lost data, there’s one more feature that Dr.Fone is known for. It is the File Transfer feature.


Dr.Fone is such an app which allows various kinds of file transfer such as:

1. Transferring files wirelessly between Android and computer.

2. Transfer iTunes to Android (vice versa).

3. Manage your Android device on the computer.

4. Transferring files from one Android phone to another Android phone.

Why is this feature important?

It is vital because everything happens quick. Gone are the days when we had lengthy tangled cables which transferred files to your computer at the speed of a snail.

With Dr.Fone your phone is a mini rocket and files fly from your device to PC in just fraction of a second.

Do you even Backup?

Your phone is a part of your body.  But, what if someone out there steals your phone? Or you forget it somewhere.

You don’t even have a backup. Which means you’ve to again start from scratch.

But, not anymore as Dr.fone has the transfer and backup options as follows:

1. Transfer Data from One Android to another Android

2. Transfer Data from Android to PC

1. Transfer Data from One Android to another Android

If you’re upgrading your phone, you can now transfer data from your old android phone to your new Android phone in just a click.

1. Download and Install Dr.Fone on your computer

2. Open it and click on “Switch” to transfer data between two phones.

3. Connect both your Android devices to the pc via USB ports

4. Check on everything you want to transfer, like files, messages, WhatsApp chats.etc and Click on start!

Voila! You’ve now transferred all the data from your old phone to your new device.

Other things to keep in mind:

Sometimes the contacts and other passwords are stored in your Google Account. So, go to Settings > Accounts> Google and click on sync everything.

Now that’s how you efficiently transfer data between two devices.

2. Transfer Data from Android to PC

Transferring data from your phone to PC isn’t a tough task at all. But before that, you got to learn little tweaks, like enabling USB debugging on your Android device.

-> To start the transfer, open Dr.Fone and click on the “Transfer.”

-> Connect your android device to the computer via USB port.

-> The steps will automatically be shown on the screen on how to enable USB debugging.

Normally, it’s quite same for most of the devices. We can do it by going to  Settings>About device > Software info > Build number (tap 7 times) > Developer Options > USB Debugging.

What If your device fails to connect?

1. Try it from a different USB port

2. Use a different cable

3. Close and restart Dr.Fone software

4. Install the driver for your Android device.

After enabling USB debugging, you’ve now successfully connected your android device to your PC.

Now, every time you connect your phone will automatically be recognized by the software.

You’ll now be shown with a window like this:

You can click on photos and select the ones you wanna back up. Or, you can click on videos or any other important stuff that you want to make a backup of and voila! Dr.Fone will handle the rest. You can also export all at once by clicking on Export > Export to PC option in the window. It’s the option sitting beside the “trash icon.”

That’s how simple this process is.

Dr.Fone eliminates all the hassles of data transfer and backup, which was once a tedious process.

We recommend this software to everyone who wants to backup and transfer data on the go.


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