Why you need to use Video Content at scale to Boost your Business

With online marketing the norm these days, businesses of all sizes need to concretize an effective content marketing strategy to expand their reach and brand awareness. An integral part of that is video content.

Wyzowl’s statistics show that 63% of businesses use video marketing, out of which 82% believe that video marketing is a vital part of their marketing strategy. Why? Because video marketing gives you good Return-on-Investment (ROI).

Here are a few compelling reasons to take video marketing seriously:


If you want to further your reach and boost your conversions and sales, you need to establish a relationship with your audience and let them know that they can trust you. You need to be able to stand out as a credible choice in the sea of options that consumers have at their disposal in this day and age.

Building trust pays you dividends over time. The best way to do this is to create and provide useful content. While it is necessary to promote your brand, most of your content needs to be educational. The more viewers you help, the easier it becomes to build an audience, get leads, and increase your sales.


You can use videos for a multitude of purposes. They work well for product or service launches and tutorials, which is why 45% of business that use video marketing claim to display an introductory video on their home page.

Videos do well to condense complex ideas and concepts for the average joe, better than infographics. You can shoot videos of yourself addressing a topic or create animated videos for increased clarity and interest. Animated videos serve as an excellent mix of information and entertainment. You will need to get your hands on a free video editing software, regardless of the type of videos you plan to create.

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Social shares are an essential metric to monitor as you post content on social media because a large chunk of your target audience is on social media. Social media users post content all day. If you want to expand your reach, you need to track your social shares.

Be sure to experiment with different video types and lengths. You could post 60-second videos on Instagram and longer ones on IGTV to address topics in detail. You could do the same on Facebook. There are tons of video types to experiment with – vlogs, documentaries, short films, etc. However, the key to getting people to watch is to evoke emotions. People are highly likely to share videos that evoke a feeling, which translates to large amounts of traffic to your site or channel.


People use phones for virtually everything, which means they are more likely to find your brand on their phone than on their computer. Videos appeal to mobile users. People consume content primarily on their phones, which means that you have to make sure your marketing is optimized for mobiles.

Videos are an excellent example of this considering how people watch movies, interviews, TV shows, vlogs, Instagram stories, YouTube videos, etc. on their phones every day, on the go.


If you want people to pay attention, recognize that they are highly unlikely to go through an entire blog post in a search for quick answers. You are better off creating short videos to answer quick questions and longer ones for detailed analyses and explanations. In other words, you can appeal to the laziest prospect.


Google, Facebook, Instagram, etc. love video content. Since videos increase your chances of retaining a visitor, you are more likely to rank well on the search engine. In other words, uploading video content helps you get a headstart.


Before you look for an online video hosting platform like Vidyard for your business, here are a few trends you ought to be aware of:

Storytelling is vital

People have a plethora of options at their disposal to get the information they want. They can get facts, statistics, and information instantly. However, compelling stories and emotion are rare, which is why brands that manage to do this tend to stand out. If you want to get ahead, create useful, informational content that evokes a feeling, compelling your viewer to revisit your site or channel.

You need to go live regularly

Putting out valuable content like webinars, tutorials, vlogs, interview, behind-the-scenes footage, etc. will fetch you results. However, interacting with your audience is just as important as creating content. You need to let them know that you care about them.

Additionally, engaging with your followers helps you improve your content and drum up new ideas. Be sure to hold a live session every now and then and get people to attend it. You can do this through incentives.

Videos are used for customer support

You can tend to your customers by recording videos to answer the most frequently asked questions. Another option is to record short videos to answer specific questions. Your viewers can watch them at a convenient time.

YouTube is bigger than ever

If you are creating videos regularly, set up, optimize, and marketing your YouTube channel. Unlike Instagram and Facebook, YouTube allows you to monetize your videos. You will need to keep Search Engine Optimization (SEO), video quality and production, etc. in mind.

As you can see, video marketing is a vital part of an effective content marketing machine you need to use to get more traffic, leads, and conversions