Why Play Online Multiplayer Mobile Games on PC

Smartphones have evolved to become a multifunctional piece of equipment necessary in today’s day and age. When Martin Cooper placed the historic phone call to Dr. Joel S. Engel of Bell Labs on April 3, 1973, using the first handheld device by Motorola, the world never expected that a modest mobile phone would become the ultimate gadget of the future.

The brilliance of human ingenuity led to the technological evolution that led to the development of mobile phones to cellphones and now the smartphone. 

With that said, the evolution of smartphones comes with a hefty price in terms of monetary and for the most part battery. As much as every smartphone owner is concerned, the battery is one of the most important components when it comes to these handheld devices. After all, the smartphones of today functions more than just a social media or business tool but a gaming device as well.

In a short amount of time, the market for mobile games especially those that fall under the online multiplayer genre skyrocketed to popularity especially in 2020.

Compared to other video game genres, online multiplayer games provide does not only provide real-time excitement but instant gratification as well. On top of that is the instant adrenaline rush most online players feel during gameplay. This internet-powered type of gaming became popular not only because of the mentioned attributes but because of due to its accessibility features as well.  

As you may have known by now, online multiplayer games for smartphones follow the freemium marketing model. In other words, anyone can download and play some of the best multiplayer mobile games without spending a single dime. 

This brings us to the topic of today, which pertains to playing online multiplayer games on PC. Well, for starters, playing online multiplayer games on smartphones will put your fully charged device to shame in just an hour. Not to mention that it heats your phone and plugging it to a charger while playing is a mistake you do not want to make. With that in mind, if you are like playing online multiplayer games on your phone whose main concern is battery or the performance of your device, then, maybe you should consider playing your favorite games on PC. 


While most developers aim for cross-platform compatibility others make use of third party emulators and browser extensions just to make online multiplayer gaming possible. However, this method oftentimes comes with a hefty price of slowing down your PC. This is because some video game emulator like Bluestacks consumes or requires a lot of RAM for it to function properly, thus slowing down your computer.

Nevertheless, if you do your research the emulation or emulator industry, like video games, is also going through an evolution process as we speak. With the right amount of research, you will discover that Bluestacks is not the only method or platform that allows you to play multiplayer games online. Although it’s one of the first, it definitely is not the only one out there. 

One example of a good emulator in place of Bluestacks is Android Studio’s emulator. This brilliant emulator is a product of Android Studio, known as the provider of the fastest tools for building apps on every type of Android device. Now do take note that you need to have basic knowledge about the platform for you to enjoy this emulator. Another is example is the LDPlayer that allows players to play games running 7.1 and beyond.

Similar to Android Studio’s Emulator, LDPlayer is a third-party mobile emulation tool for the PC. the main difference between the two is that LDPlayer is one of the most updated emulators available to date. 

Nevertheless, for those who do not want the hassle of setting up emulators into their computers and prefer to have automatic installation. A new type of platform called Games.lol is worth checking out. This newly improved platform uses the same technology found in browser games.

This means that its platform unloads fewer resources into your PC resulting in a faster and seamless gameplay experience. Not to mention that this platform comes with their own play store that allows you to download mobile games straight to your desktop. All you need is to point, click, and install your game and you are good to go. 

Mobile games, as the name suggests, is for smartphones. However, playing games on your mobile device comes at a cost, which will sometimes disrupt the other functions of your device. Playing online multiplayer games of PC is one of the best alternatives for just in case you need your smartphone for other things besides gaming. 


Jonathan J Kingston is a video game enthusiast, gamer, and a veteran video game news writer for Games.lol. He spends his free time hunting for free video game sites and testing their reliability.