Vivo APEX 2020 concept phone is now official with crazy features

In January last year, Vivo launched the APEX 2019 concept phone featuring a button-less & port-less design along with a fingerprint scanner under the screen that covered the whole display area. Now, the Vivo APEX 2020 concept phone is official & it takes the last year’s concept once step ahead.

Like last year, APEX 2020 also doesn’t have any buttons or any ports, but this time, there is no magnetic connector as well, so the phone relies completely on Wireless Charging.

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Talking about the design of the phone, the APEX 2020 features a clean overall design since there are no buttons on the sides or ports anywhere on the device. There is a tall display on the front with negligible bottom chin & extremely curved sides. Talking about numbers, there is a 120-degree waterfall display, which means the sides are curved at 120-degrees.

It is a 6.45-inch Full-HD+ panel with a resolution of 2330×1080 pixels.

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Now you might be wondering where the front camera is. Well, the Vivo APEX 2020 features a 16-Megapixel in-display selfie camera, which, as the image above shows, hides very nicely under the screen when not in use & can only be noticed when looked at the display from a very close distance & at a certain angle.

Under-display selfie camera technology hasn’t matured enough to be included in phones meant to sell, so that’s the reason companies are testing this technology in the concept phones like APEX 2020.

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On the rear, there is a circular camera setup that has only two cameras, but these two are very interesting camera sensors. The primary 48 Megapixel unit has Gimbal -like stabilization, which, Oppo claims, is far better than the traditional OIS or EIS on phones. Then there is the second 16-Megapixel periscope-style ZOOM lens & its optical zoom ranges can go from 5X to 7.5x. And yes, this is pure Optical Zoom without any digital zoom included.

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The Vivo APEX 2020 is a portless device, which means the only way to charge it is using Wireless Charging. Well, Vivo has absolutely nailed it as the phone features mind-blowing 60W Fast Wireless Charging. We hardly have smartphones with 60W Fast Wired Charging & then there is this phone with the same speed for Wireless Charging. Vivo says this charging technology can fully charge a 2,000mAH battery in just 20 minutes!

Don’t get confused as the previous line didn’t mean the APEX 2020 has a 2,000mAh battery. Vivo hasn’t yet revealed the actual battery size, but we are sure it is bigger than merely 2,000mAh.

We usually see the Nex series phones from Vivo launching with some of the features of the APEX series concept phones. In 2018, the Vivo NEX launched with most of the features of the first Vivo APEX. While the same didn’t happen last year with Vivo APEX 2019, it could happen this time, and we may see the Vivo NEX 4 (or any other device) with some of the crazy features of the APEX 2020.