Video Shows how the official LG V30 wallpapers were made

The LG V30 is just around the corner as it is launching this month on 31st. Now, we already have the hands-on images, the official press render and some major specifications of the smartphone. If you recall, with the LG G6, the company introduced some beautiful wallpapers and instead of designing them via designers, they were made by hands. These wallpapers were the combination of paper, acrylic, paint and two months of patience. Now, with the V30 coming in a couple of weeks, LG has once again planned to create all the LG V30 wallpapers manually.


So, as the video above shows, the LG V30 Wallpapers are made by using the glass and different colored lights. The main wallpapers include the letter V and different colors like blue, violet etc.

What do you think about this way of making official stock wallpapers of a device? Do let us know via the comments section.