TuTuApp Lite on iOS – Download Third-Party Apps with TuTuApp VIP

Generally, when it comes to jailbreaking, a vast majority of iOS users refrain from doing it citing security concerns and loss of warranty. However, the liberation granted by jailbreak is desired by all. Gaining complete control of your iOS device isn’t possible without jailbreak.

 However, you can enjoy a fraction of the power enjoyed by jailbroken users by installing third-party iOS apps. These tweaked iOS apps can be installed without jailbreak. Catering to these apps are third-party app stores. In this post, we are going to talk about one such third-party app store that goes by the name of TutuApp. 

Is it safe to utilize the services of TutuApp?

Well! The first question that might be coming to your mind might be whether it is safe to use TutuApp? Is TutuApp legal? TutuApp is completely legal and your concern regarding safety is valid. As an answer to this concern, you must know that the developers of TutuApp scan every application for viruses and other kinds of malware before making them available for the users to download. 

Moreover, since TutuApp doesn’t require a jailbroken iOS device to work, you won’t be voiding the warranty of your device by installing TutuApp.

What is TutuApp VIP? Is TutuApp VIP Free?

TuTuApp Lite
TuTuApp Lite

Are you thinking whether TutuApp is free? Is TutuApp still free? Well! TutuApp comes in two versions. A free regular version and a paid VIP version. VIP users enjoy certain advantages over regular users with the primary advantage being that they can request developers to upload a certain application or a game if the same isn’t available already on the platform.

Install TutuApp on iOS [No Jailbreak Required]

  • Please launch Safari Browser and click here to download tutu app to navigate to the official webpage of TutuApp.
  • From the webpage, you can choose whether you wish to install the regular version or the paid VIP version of TutuApp by tapping on the appropriate button.
  • If you happen to select the paid VIP version, you will require completing a set of formalities including payment.
  • Next, Safari Browser will generate a pop-up asking whether you wish to allow the website to install TutuApp on your iPhone. Please tap on ‘Install’ to provide your confirmation.
  • Now, move to the home screen of your iOS device and monitor the installation progress.
  • Once the installation is complete, please navigate to Settings -> General -> Profiles and trust the profile of TutuApp.
  • Great! Now you can launch and start downloading third-party apps from TutuApp.

What are the features of TutuApp?

  • TutuApp comes with a virus scanner and a memory cleaner to help you steer clear your device from malware and junk data.
  • You will receive updates for every app that you will install from TutuApp as and when the developer of the concerned application releases the same.
  • The interface of TutuApp is almost similar to the Apple App Store. Therefore, you won’t face any issue navigating through the same.
  • TutuApp also holds popular iOS applications that are paid on the official store but are available for free on TutuApp.

Are you interested to install TutuApp on iOS? Going forward, following are the steps to download and install TutuApp on iOS device without jailbreak.

What is TutuApp Lite?

Lately, TutuApp is facing several issues regarding profile invalidation. Apple is consistently revoking the certificate of TutuApp thereby decertifying all the applications installed from the platform. As a result, users are not able to use the downloaded apps. To gain some time for dealing with the issue, the developers of TutuApp launched Official TutuApp Lite

TutuApp Lite is a lightweight version of TutuApp catering to popular third-party iOS apps and games. Though the inventory is not as huge as TutuApp, the Lite version will provide you all the necessary third-party apps and games and the developers are adding more apps on a daily basis to the inventory of TutuApp Lite. Moreover, if you are running low on space on your iOS device, you can install TutuApp Lite.

To install TutuApp Lite, you have to navigate to the official webpage itself and when you are proceeding with the installation of TutuApp, the webpage itself will generate a pop-up asking you to install TutuApp Lite if you are facing TutuApp profile verification failed issues. 

Final Words – TuTuApp & TuTuApp Lite on iOS

That was all regarding TutuApp on iOS and TutuApp Lite on iPhone/iPad without jailbreak. If you happen to face any issues while installing or while using TutuApp, please reach out to us with your concerns via the comments section provided below. We will provide the required assistance on a priority basis.

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