Top 3 IT Services to Help Optimize Your Business

It’s becoming increasingly important for businesses to be digitally available 24/7 to clients. 

Today, being online isn’t only about selling products online or having a website – it’s about doing business in such a way that clients, stakeholders, and anyone else with interest in your business can digitally interact with your business (and achieve their goal quickly). 

Combined with the fact that most businesses in every imaginable industry are moving toward digital solutions and employing IT to facilitate both internal and external processes, it becomes necessary for your business to also have IT services at par with them to make collaboration possible. 

Take the latest data management protocols, for example: if you want to successfully share data with your partner companies or use their data, you need to have data stored and processed comparably. 


Employing the right technology not only helps you collaborate with other businesses and expand your reach, but it’s vital to ensure standard daily processes get done efficiently. 

A great example is a recent increase in remote work from home and collaborative software usage. Due to the global Covid-19 pandemic lockdown, companies both small and large shut down offices, and most employees began working directly from their homes. 

Many traditional businesses had no other option but to shift towards the online market. If they didn’t shift to continue business operations, they often had to close down. However, those who made the shift still saw a significant decrease in productivity due to the huge learning curve involved for entrepreneurs worldwide. 

However, as time goes on – and teams become more familiar with new software and “the new way” of doing things digitally – the result is that most businesses have been able to get far more work done than they used to previously in a single day. 

With the introduction of technology and remote working technology, not only are businesses achieving more output now than ever before, but the work quality is far higher than when everyone worked together in the office. 


When businesses, tiny to medium scale businesses, employ technology such as team collaboration software, cybersecurity systems, and cloud solution services, not only does their productivity skyrocket but their overall capabilities are enhanced. 

Even though the nature of the work remains the same, the fact that it’s performed through more refined services means that quality increases, and the amount of time it takes to get done decreases. 

Let’s look at three specific IT services provided by an IT company in London, UK, and how they can help businesses streamline operations. 



As more businesses transition to working remotely, one major concern is cybersecurity. Unfortunately, too many small to medium-scale enterprises underestimate their own worth. They assume they aren’t targets for an attack because they don’t represent a high enough financial gain for a hacker. 

On the contrary, while they may not be a valuable target monetarily, what makes smaller firms appealing is exactly because they have fragile security if any at all. According to recent research, nearly 60% of all global cyber-attacks targeted small to medium-scale businesses. 

Not only are these small businesses easy to hack into, but more importantly, they often serve as a stepping stone to larger organizations. Large, multinational companies often subcontract their work to smaller organizations. In turn, these smaller partners are often compromised and give an attacker easy access to the larger enterprise. In contrast, it would be much harder to penetrate a large multinational corporation’s defenses directly. 


When small companies employ modern IT solutions, they often don’t have the expertise to troubleshoot problems associated with complex systems and need help training their staff, so they know how to use these systems. 

Rather than spending additional time, money, and a lot of effort trying to solve these problems independently, small businesses can immensely benefit from the expertise of a seasoned IT support team. As many small businesses don’t have the resources for a dedicated IT team, hiring the services of an external IT team is efficient. It helps you use your resources more effectively. 


In the past, cloud computing was limited to only large companies with massive IT budgets that could afford emerging cloud solutions. 

Today, cloud services have become so cost-effective that even single-man companies can afford them; they’re a must-have for any organization, especially those with a high reliance on IT, such as owners selling from their website or need SaaS and PaaS solutions. Through an experienced IT support team, you can get your company a cloud solution that effectively addresses your needs and helps save you money, as you won’t need to purchase off-the-shelf software. 

There’s a whole host of other services you could use from a seasoned support team to help out in nearly any area of your business. The kind of solution you choose – and how it benefits your company – depends entirely on your application of that service. 

However, what’s extremely valuable for businesses of any size is having the right people to work with. Whether you’re setting up new infrastructure, maintaining an existing one, or trying to scale to a bigger solution – if you have the right people with you, the process will be much, much easier.