Top Android Apps for Sports Fans & Athletes

When it comes to diving into any hobby or even finding a new one, apps are a great place to start. Whether looking to connect with other hobbyists, learn more on a topic, or stay updated on related news, there’s an app for that.

In fact, for Android users, there are more than three million apps in the Google Play Store. Finding an innovative and intuitive app that meets all of a user’s requirements is like finding a needle in a haystack. 

Luckily for sports fans, the high number of smartphone owners searching for reliable sports apps means the market already has clear standouts. Whether looking to stay updated, get active, or get involved with their favourite sport, users now have solid options for their sports interests.

Staying Updated

Every major league sport in the US has its own affiliated app. The NFL is the biggest player in the world of major league sports, and their affiliated app, NFL Mobile, is one of the most popular sports apps on the market.

NFL Mobile, like most other major league platforms, is the official sponsored app that offers breaking news within the league and extensive analysis of the play. TheScore, on the other hand, helps connect fans to highlight reels and post-game reports.

In other words, NFL Mobile is better suited for pundits who may be looking to wager on NFL betting odds after diving into stats, while theScore helps diehard fans follow their team without missing a beat. It’s also available for other major sports, from the NBA to WCOH. 

In addition to official apps and curated news outlets, ESPN and their ESPN+ app have also produced a reliable app for fans of all things related to sports. In addition to offering specialized post-game analysis and highlight reels, ESPN also offers in-depth podcasts from beloved personalities often seen on TV, like Stephen A. Smith.

Getting Active 

After a long summer likely spent indoors, more and more sports fans are looking to get active themselves. Given most NCAAF leagues won’t be occupying Saturdays for football fans, there’s plenty of time to get outdoors and get moving—especially as winter approaches.

For those looking to improve their general wellness through relaxed endeavours like yoga and meditation, apps like Daily Yoga and Charity Miles help motivate the occasionally-active with stress-free workouts. Charity Miles even allows users to transform their miles walked (or run) into dollars donated to charity.

Other apps, like ActiveX and MyFitnessPal, help connect users to specific activities based on their fitness goals. ActiveX also adds a social element that allows users to connect with other people on a fitness journey and share their progress. The app also focuses on short and intense workouts, which help participants get the most out of their time.

Getting Involved

For those looking to stay updated and get active, an app like Feedly is ideal. Based on the simple idea of ‘feeding the mind’, Feedly is a reader app that allows users to curate what news they stay connected to. 

Unlike the sports apps listed above, Feedly allows users to connect a wide variety of athletic articles and think-pieces—major leagues and beyond. Overall, it’s a great platform to begin a journey of wellness with.

Beyond Feedly, sports fans can get involved by joining a fantasy league. Since the early 2000s, fantasy sports leagues have become incredibly popular in online formats, which have seen moved to mobile devices.

All major league sports have their own highly-developed fantasy leagues that allow users to get involved for fun or even make money with daily fantasy providers like FanDuel or DraftKings.

Currently, the most popular fantasy league apps worldwide are Fantasy Premier League, which covers England’s top-tier football league. Others include cricket fantasy leagues, and, moving back to the US, fantasy football leagues.

Apps like CBS Fantasy Sports, Yahoo Fantasy Sports, and ESPN Fantasy Sports allow first-time users to get in on the action. Given there’s no real money involved, it’s a great way to learn about fantasy sports while also applying some of that real-world analysis provided by sports apps like theScore.