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TOP 6 BEST Gallery Apps for Android – Best alternatives for Stock Gallery




In today’s world, the most common thing teenagers do is taking hell lot of selfies and post them on Instagram, Facebook, WhatsApp etc. Phone not might be good as a DSLR but it is pretty fine for saving so many selfies and photos and all those memories you click, together which gets a prime source when you look back and try to remember that beautiful memory you had together. So, how should you protect those memories and keep them safe? Also, from where you can have a high amount of storage as well as protection to the photos? No one wants to lose the photos as well as the memories, right?

Well, if you’re looking for such apps which are perfect to save your photos then this post is just for you. Today, we present some of the best gallery apps for android that you should try in case you are looking for alternatives to your stock Gallery app.


1. FOCUS – 

Best Gallery Apps for Android

Focus is one of the most capable gallery apps for Andriod, and it can easily replace your inbuilt gallery provided by your phone company. This app is easy to, and it has advanced features which also includes the ability to store your gif’s and video files. The app looks perfect, the design looks perfect, and there are 11 tags which are present like Art, me, friends, family, nature and more. You can edit those tags and can even add additional tags, or you can remove tags that are not needed as well. This app is free for the users although with only limited features. You can unlock all the premium features by purchasing the whole app through the play store.


Best Android Gallery Apps

Quickpic gallery app may not be the best-looking app, but all you need are the features. This app is easy to use, you can create your folders and add an image according to it, you can save your image through the date, location and time as well and this app also provides you option to save your images in cloud storage such as google drive, dropbox, google images etc. directly from the app. You can save your images according to your command and preference. You’ll get the full version available in the play store, and this app is free which means you do not have to pay for any premium version.


Best Gallery Apps for Android

Now, this app is pre-installed on most of the devices, and the chances are that this app is already on your device. Google photos is probably one of the best gallery apps which you have ever seen. How does it work? Well, suppose you sign onto Google Photos with your email, and you’re using inbuilt gallery app. Now, suppose all of your photos get deleted from that gallery app. Well, you don’t have to worry since Google Photos have your back. Google photos save all your data in your Gmail account, and you can have unlimited access to it since Google provides unlimited cloud storage for your photos and videos. Isn’t that amazing? Just sign in to Google photos by providing your email account and all you have to do is keep that email account with you and leave rest to Google.

You can manage your photos, create new folders etc. Google Photos save your files according to date and time, and by clicking on the left top menu, you can view your photos or downloaded files accordingly from the various specific folders provided there. Google photos is free, and any Android user can use it.



Have you ever wondered how you can slideshow your images or videos without any hesitation or without manually scrolling them one by one? Suppose you’re having a great time with your family and you want to go through those photos you clicked together and here comes the worst part, You’re scrolling images one by one, spoiling the whole fun time. Well, here’s the deal! Flickmoment provides automatic slideshow to its users and not only that; you can even turn your images into short clips.

Flickmomement gallery app is very popular because it provides slideshows and you can even pick your resolution from high quality to low. This app looks beautiful, and the features are amazing. This app is free, and one should try for its slideshow feature.

5. F-STOP – 

Best Gallery Apps for Android

Looking for a lighting speed gallery app with tons of features? If yes, then F-stop is just made for you. This lighting fast gallery app provides features like tags, themes for the app, ability to read metadata (EXIF, XMP, IPTC), GIF support and it also provides protection to all those data you store inside, an inbuilt password protection just for the app so you could save your photos without any risk. This app also has one cool feature just like google maps where you can pinpoint your location and find your store photos according to it. F-stop also provides slideshow which is one of the reasons to use it. A highly recommended all in one gallery app. This app is free as well.


Best Android Gallery Apps

MyRoll Gallery is again one of the coolest gallery app available for Android. This app has many features, but it is popular for its one unique feature which is smart mode. The smart mode chooses your best images with smiling faces centred in the thumbnails. Along with the smart mode, this app also sorts your pictures according to date, time, location, event. This app is pretty unique, and a must try one for its smart mode feature. This app is free and available on every Android device.

Well, these were the top 6 best gallery apps for Android and if you think some apps deserve to be on this list, drop them down below in the comments section. Cheers.

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