Tips to Transfer WhatsApp from iOS to iOS

Do you want to change your iPhone? You can copy everything to your new iPhone, but a WhatsApp transfer is not easy. However, WhatsApp stores its data on your device, such as voice messages, messages, videos, photos, etc. Transferring WhatsApp data may take plenty of time. For this reason, iPhone users try to avoid this transfer. They need a reliable and user-friendly solution for data transfer from iOS to iOS.

Fortunately, you can transfer WhatsApp from iPhone to iPhone without iTunes or iCloud backup. With iSkysoft toolbox, you can restore data of social apps. It can backup and transfer WhatsApp, Wechat, Viber, Line, and Kik.

iSkysoft: A Comprehensive Solution

The iSkySoft toolbox is an efficient and comprehensive WhatsApp transfer software. With this software, you can transfer data of social apps from iPhone to iPhone and Android to Android. It is an all-in-one solution for a WhatsApp transfer. Download this app free and get the advantage of these functions:

  • Transfer WhatsApp data from iOS to iOS and Android to Android
  • Preview data and transfer selective data to your new device
  • Restore data of WhatsApp without resetting your device
  • User-friendly and fast to use
  • Secure for the protection of data
  • Backup WhatsApp on Android and iPhone

Nowadays, your social life is impossible without WhatsApp. If you want to buy a new smartphone, it is essential to transfer your WhatsApp messages, videos and photos to your new phone. iSkysoft is a reliable solution to transfer data quickly.

Restore Backup to New Device

Restoring chat history of WhatsApp to Android/iOS can be easy with iSkySoft. After backing up your attachments and messages with this app, you can hit “Restore to New Device.” It will take a few minutes to restore everything to your new device.

For WhatsApp backup, people often think about phone memory, Google Drive, and iCloud. These methods are not efficient to save your time. The iSkysoft toolkit can be an excellent choice to backup data from social apps. You can manage a backup without any complicated configuration. Moreover, browse and export the backup content to a new device.

With iSkysoft toolbox, there is no need to worry about data transfer and backup. You can restore your social messages without worrying about the boundaries of operation systems. It may help you to restore your chats to Android phones. Before resetting your chat, you are allowed to view backup content to select specific messages for a safe transfer.

Easy Tricks to Transfer and Backup WhatsApp

See these simple steps to transfer WhatsApp messages from iPhone to iPhone or Android to Android.

Connect the iPhone to your PC

In the first step, you will install iSkysoft Toolbox app and launch it on the PC. Now tap on “Restore Social Apps” on the homepage and plug your destination and source iOS devices into the computer.

Now you will select “WhatsApp” from the next page and tap on “Transfer Messages.”

Get Ready to Transfer Messages from iOS to iOS

The iSkysoft toolbox will display source iOS phone and destination iOS phone. You will get confirmation of their successful connection. Before proceeding to data transfer, you have to ensure that your source device must be located on the left side. The destination device will appear toward the right side. If you are not satisfied with their positions, hit on “Flip” and change their places.

Login your WhatsApp account to transfer messages on the new device. After login, you will hit the “Transfer” button.

A pop-up appears to get your permission to continue this transfer. It may remind you that your current chat history (WhatsApp) on the new device can be overwritten. You have to click “Yes” to start data transfer.