Handy Tips and Tricks That Will Improve Text Messaging On Your Android Device

Texting is considered one of the easiest methods of communication nowadays. Anyone can use their smart Android device to text anyone else and stays in touch with them, wherever they might be, at any time they want. It is an easy and convenient communication solution, especially for those who lead busy lives. If you are not up to date with the advancements in Android technology, you may find it challenging to keep up with the changes in texting and can struggle a little to stay in touch with those you care about. Here are some handy tips and tricks that can help you improve your text messaging skills and allow you to stay in touch using your Android device. 

Replying From Notifications

An easy way you can work on your text messaging skills without any extra effort is by replying to texts directly from the notifications. If you are too busy or simply do not want to open your texting app and go online, all you need to do is reply to the texts straight from the notifications. You will just need to tap on the screen where the text notification pops up and you should be able to see your keyboard and manage to type in your reply within a few seconds. This way, you can respond quickly to urgent messages without opening up the whole application and having to respond to other messages or forgetting about important ones later on. 

Group Messaging

Whether you are looking to send an important text to a group of friends or family or are running a business that you want to market for successfully, group messaging on your Android device can be a great trick. As seen on messente.com/resources/guides/sms-marketing, instead of having to send the same message over and over to different individuals, you can just select a group of people that you want to text and send them all your message at once. You can put all the people you want to text in one big group chat to text them, or send them individual text messages all at the same time. This trick comes in handy for those who are looking to boost their marketing and exposure for their business by reaching out to people in a smart and unique manner.

Schedule Texts

Leading a busy life can sometimes lead to forgetting to send important messages at the time they are supposed to go out. To avoid this issue, Android devices now give you the option to type down your text messages and schedule the time you want them to be sent out so that you do not have to worry about forgetting to send an important text just because you did not have the time. All you need to do is type your message in advance and schedule the date and time you want it to go out and let your smart device do all the work. 

Customize Tones

One of the things that can help you improve your texting skills and response time is setting customized tones and vibration patterns that are unique to different texts. This allows you to figure out who is texting you without ever having to look at the text if you cannot manage to see or hold your phone. Customizing tones is a great way for busy bees to sort out their messages and prioritize important ones so that they can reply more quickly and accurately. 

Use Shortcuts

If you are chatting with someone over text, you need to make sure you are typing fast enough to keep up with the chat without making too many spelling mistakes. Android devices have these features that allow you to customize and use shortcuts for your texts where you need only type one or two letters and let the device do the rest to finish your word or an entire sentence. This can save you a lot of time and effort when texting and help you reply more quickly with fewer spelling mistakes. 

We live in an age where fast communication is the way to go in order to stay in touch with those important to you and to get things done in day-to-day life and business. Text messaging has made it easier for people to stay in touch using smart devices. In order to make the most of your Android user experience and start texting people better, make sure you customize your device’s setting so that you have simpler shortcuts and unique tones. Try to also use notifications to reply to your urgent messages so that you stay connected to those who matter without wasting any time. 

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