Have You Played One of the Best Android Games of 2021?

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2021 is the year that signified the end of 2020 and a great year in Android gaming.  Chances are you have played an Android game or two this year, and chances are you really enjoyed them.  Android gaming has developed so much in recent years, which has increased the number of users and the number of gaming options available.  Some are free to use, and some are free with optional, in-game purchases.  No matter what you prefer, what cannot be argued about is the quality of the games available.

Best Android Games

Call of Duty Mobile

Anyone who has even the slightest interest in gaming has heard of Call of Duty (COD).  It is a gaming sensation and features battle royales, team battles, and even a zombie mode.  Making this a free-to-play game allows fans of COD to access more easily and not be put off by initial costs.  

Whilst the mobile version cannot compete on a graphic quality level with the online format, it still promotes many of the class COD playing formats.

Clash of Clans

Again, this mobile offering is widely known and is basically a version of the Age of Empires in terms of world construction.  A very popular game for strategists and for those who enjoy competing against other users from across the globe.   There are plenty of options and upgrades which can be purchased along the way, but fortunately, they are not vital in the playing of the game.  

Alto’s Odyssey

A very simple to play game with amazing graphics.  The aim of the game is to snowboard for as long as possible without crashing.  There is no finish line, so the game can, in theory last forever.  What is different about this game is that it can be as competitive as you want it to be.  Snowboard with the aim of not falling or snowboarding to the extreme with tricks and flicks to score points and combos.  The choice is yours, with both being enjoyable and challenging.  


Not sure which rock you have been living under if you have never heard of the Fortnite franchise of gaming.  The desktop version is a global sensation, and the mobile version of the game is certainly holding its own too.  For all the hype, this is merely another battle royale shoot ‘em up game but with quirks and upgrades in a cartoon-based graphic.  Also, this is not available on iPhone so Android users have the upper hand over this one.  

Pokemon Go

A revelation when it was first released back in 2016.  A game that encouraged people to get out and about in the real world!  Users collect Pokemon from parks, streets, and fields whilst competing in Pokemon battles.  A word of warning was developed whilst people were playing this.  Keep alert and aware of your surroundings, people have had nasty accidents whilst being glued to their screens.  


Over a decade in age and still as popular today as it was back then!  This truly is a game that has stood the test of time, outliving countless new releases and competitors.  It is the simplistic nature of the game which appeals to people and the creativity it inspires.  The format fits well with Android, as does the multiplayer option.  

The fact that it appeals to family members and total strangers equally is what makes Minecraft a unique creation.

Deserving of a mention

Alongside the classics and well-known games, there are dozens of other high-quality Android games.  If racing is your thing, then Asphalt 9: Legends would be ideal.  Collect up to 60 cars in this fast-paced game.  For those who love an arcade classic then look no further than Pinball Deluxe Reloaded.  There is no beating about the bush with this one; it is simply the best pinball game available on Android now.  Power-ups and mini-games keep it fresh and interesting. Genshin Impact offers something a bit different in that it is a game of interaction in daily tasks.  Competing them keeps the game going.  It was labeled as one of the best Android games in 2020 and has followed this standard into 2021 with impressive graphics throughout.  

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