How to Spy WhatsApp messages on a smartphone?

With the increase in demand for smartphones, almost every person on earth has it with him/her. However, it has a lot of good as well as adverse impacts on human life! The good impacts include higher connectivity, access to a lot of information, etc. The adverse impacts involve getting in touch with a lot of strangers, a threat to one’s privacy, etc.

Thus, you might wish to keep a check on your loved one’s mobile phone to make sure that no stranger is taking undue advantage of them, without them knowing about it! However, they might feel uncomfortable to watch you scroll through their WhatsApp messages, though you are doing it to keep them safe.

In such situations, you can make use of a web-based service known as SpyMyFone to monitor all the whatsapp messages sent and received by your kids or your life partner!

How to Spy WhatsApp messages on a smartphone with SpyMyFone?

Requirements: If it is an Android device, you will need legal access to the target phone, or if it is an iPhone, you need to know of its iCloud credentials.

The steps involved in this method are listed below in detail.

Step 1- First, you need to Sign Up to the SpyMyFone Service. You can do it by visiting the official website, using ‘’ this link. Then, select a subscription plan depending upon your usage and your budget!

Note: Enter your authentic email id, since you might need it to access information sent to you by SpyMyFone.

Step 2- Now, you will be asked to enter the details of your target and his/her mobile phone such as name, age, the operating system of their phone, etc. Once you have entered all the information, recheck it before submitting.

Step 3- In this step, you need to download and install SpyMyFone app on the target smartphone. Once it is installed, log in using your credentials. Then, you can hide this app on the target smartphone to avoid any suspicion.

Step 4- You can now Spy WhatsApp messages on your target smartphone through the dashboard of the website or by using the SpyMyFone app on your smartphone.

This is how you can Spy WhatsApp messages on your target device using SpyMyFone software.

How to monitor WhatsApp messages with mSpy software?

Step 1- Sign up to mSpy and purchase a subscription plan. Make the payment, and then, you will receive your purchase details along with some instructions.

Step 2- Download and install mSpy app on the target smartphone and login with your details.

Step 3- Now, on your PC, visit the official website of mSpy and login into your account. Then you will be redirected to the dashboard of this website, where you will find the ‘Whatsapp’ option. Click on it, and you will be able to Spy WhatsApp messages of your target smartphone.

Using the above-listed method, you can Monitor WhatsApp Messages using mSpy software.

What are the features of SpyMyFone software to spy WhatsApp of a smartphone?

  1. Along with all the messages, you can also check the details of these messages! The details include delivery time, read time, etc.
  2. You can also view any attachment sent on WhatsApp. These attachments include photos, videos, music, voice notes, documents, etc.
  3. You can set an alert, which will give you a notification whether your target device exchanges messages with a particular contact!
  4. Using this app, you can not only view all the attachments but also download them on your monitoring device! The method is similar to downloading any attachment on your smartphone.
  5. This app is also capable of analyzing user activity. You can use this feature to know the extent to which the target smartphone accesses WhatsApp on that device.


This is all you need to know about SpyMyFone and how you can use it to Spy WhatsApp messages of your family members! You can use it to protect your family members from getting into danger by talking to strangers. Also, you can monitor the activities of your family members. The steps involved in using SpyMyFone to Spy WhatsApp are quite simple to understand and execute.

If you have any queries, then please let us know about it in the comments section below.