Snapdragon 675 AnTuTu benchmark score reveals some surprises

Last year in October, Snapdragon 675 was announced, and yesterday, HiSense U30 was showcased at the CES with this chipset, making the U30 first smartphone with this processor. Now, we have got the AnTuTu score of the 675, and there are some pretty interesting surprises when the score is compared to that of chipsets like the Snapdragon 710.

Snapdragon 675 AnTuTu Score
Snapdragon 675 AnTuTu Score


First, talking about the score, the Snapdragon 675 AnTuTu score is 174402, and it is distributed as –

  • CPU – 81032
  • GPU – 34578
  • UX – 45975
  • MEM – 12817

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Snapdragon 675 vs other processors
Snapdragon 675 vs other processors


Now comes the most interesting part. When compared with the 10nm Snapdragon 710, which is the only 7xx series processor from Qualcomm, the CPU Score of the Snapdragon 675 is higher. The CPU score of the Snapdragon 710 is 66584 whereas that of the Snapdragon 675 is 81032. Looking at the name only, the 710 should be more powerful than the Snapdragon 675, right? No!

It all comes down to the CPU architecture.

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The Snapdragon 710 has Kryo 360 CPU that is divided into ‘Gold’ and ‘Silver’ cores. The ‘Gold’ cores are based on the powerful Cortex-A75 whereas the ‘Silver’ cores on the Cortex-A55. Coming to the Snapdragon 675, it has the Kryo 460 CPU. So, just looking at the name, we can tell that the CPU of the 675 is better than that of the 710.


Anyways, the Kryo 460 too is divided into ‘Gold’ and ‘Silver’ cores. The ‘Silver’ cores are based on Cortex-A55, i.e., same as 710, but the ‘Gold’ cores are based on the latest and powerful Cortex-A76. So, this is the differentiating factor between the two processors. This is the reason why the CPU score of Snapdragon 675 is higher than that of Snapdragon 710.

When we talk about the GPU score, it’s all vice versa. This time, the Snapdragon 710 has a better GPU and hence a better score. The Adreno 616 GPU of the Snapdragon 710 is better than the Adreno 612 GPU of the Snapdragon 675, and that’s pretty much evident from the names. So, when it comes to tasks like gaming, Snapdragon 710 will have a lead.

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So, the overall Snapdragon 675 AnTuTu score is higher than the Snapdragon 710 because the rest of aspects like Memory and UX aren’t very different and hence, it all comes down to the CPU and GPU score. As always, benchmark scores don’t always mean that a processor is better than other. It all comes down to the real world usage as well as the software optimization. So, we will have to wait for some phones to launch this year with the Snapdragon 675.


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