Snapdragon 635 Specifications Revealed, Production starts from Q1 2018

Every year, Qualcomm launches not only a new flagship processor but also some new mid-range chipsets. This year, the company launched Snapdragon 660 and the 630 processor in its 6xx series. The SD 660 is right now the best mid-range smartphone chipset and phones like the Oppo R11, Mi Note 3 etc. are powered by the chipset. In 2018, we all know that Snapdragon 845 is coming which will power most of the high-end flagship devices like the Galaxy S9. Along with that, sources have revealed that Snapdragon 635, 638 and the 670 are launching too. We have already got the alleged specifications of the Snapdragon 670 and today, the same source revealed some major details about the Snapdragon 635.

Snapdragon 845

So basically, the 635 is an upgrade to this year’s Snapdragon 630. The manufacturing process is same, i.e., 14nm Samsung’s LPE process. It is an octa-core chipset with 4x Kryo + 4x Kryo (A73/A53). The GPU with the SD 635 is going to be 20% more powerful as compared to that of the Snapdragon 625’s. Interestingly, we have the information from the source that there is also a Snapdragon 630 Plus with enhanced GPU and CPU speeds. Well, here is the quick overview of the specifications  –

  • 14nm Samsung LPE Technology
  • 4X Kryo + 4X Kryo (A73/A53)
  • 20% Powerful GPU than Snapdragon 625

The Production is going to start from Q1 2018, and the roadmap includes mid-range processors like Snapdragon 635, 638 and the 670. Stay Tuned for more information.