Smartphone Apps to Aid the Construction Process

Walls that surround you form your heaven and complete your abode. Constructing these massive structures to withstand all climates require months of diligent efforts. The construction industry has always been under the immense pressure of deadlines and exceeding costs. Right from the planning stage, the whole project needs to be well thought out and scheduled in a way that the results are optimal.

Designing, estimation, material unloading, costing, erection of the structure, and finishing the project are the stages that follow the initial planning. Cutting down the overhead costs and saving time would be the secondary targets of every contractor to increase profit. None of the cost-saving techniques should affect the structure’s strength or break the client’s trust.

Technology plays its part in the field of construction by reducing the hassles faced by both the contractors and clients. Most of the analytics simplify the methods and analyze the issues both before and during the construction process. Predictive analytics is one major part of the data analytics that perform specific tasks for each stage of the practical implementation of the plan.

It works to predict the potential dangers and issues, and solutions to it are also provided by applying the forecasted effects into specific scenarios. By doing so, the chances for future failures in the process gets reduced to a bare minimum. Similarly, the analytics function for the design, warranty, optimization of the work, automation, budgeting, and tracking of progress/issues.

Google Pixel 7

All objects have taken the compact form, so have the software to control the construction process. Smartphone apps of the software have been developed, making the entire process a smooth and handy affair. Long flat pixel screens need not be carried by the employees anymore, as the execution can be completed from the office that has been set up on their smartphones. The construction project communication has been improved with the use of these various apps and analytics. These apps help in the proper management of the documents and their storage, making daily reports, and working based on the proposed plan. The price of every app will differ; while some apps come with high rates, some are available for free.

Top 5 smartphone apps for construction

1. SmartBidNet

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As mentioned earlier, smartphone apps of the software have been developed to handle the entire process conveniently. SmartBidNet is considered to be the best app in the market now, with the features of bid management, subcontractor data management, selection of subcontractors, and effective communication. Data concerning the project ( various documents) can be shared through this app. Through SmartBidNet, the bid process can be tracked, and the bid project can be made less complex. The SmartBidNet app is available on iOS.

2. GoBIM

Various tools and mechanisms are used in BIM to manage the building’s different aspects. The physical and functional elements of a building are managed efficiently by the app. BIM is being used all over the world to manage the construction process; the app effectively handles planning, design, and execution. BIM creates 3D models, and navigation through these models is facilitated in the GoBIM app. Dependent on the number of materials, parameters, and triangles, the scale of the model will differ.

3. FingerCAD

All the site engineers and designers working to execute the plan will be conversant with the software AutoCAD. FingerCAD is the smartphone application that has a direct link with the system software, which supports the app in handling the data regarding the drawings and plans. The app is mostly used by engineers to make technical drawings that can be saved and later shared with others via any social media platforms, e-mail, or even a hard copy can be created. Like in the case of the AutoCAD software, the app is also easy to handle and study.

4. Plan Grid

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A cloud server is being employed in Plan Grid, through which frequent updates are shared with all the team members. Plan Grid primarily focusses on updating the whole crew about the modifications made to the existing drawings.

5. Carpenter’s Helper Lite

The app helps the designer and planner in providing a harmonious symmetry to the structure. Various lengths (stair length, roof pitch, rafter length) are calculated in this Lite format of Carpenter’s Helper.


Times are changing, and so is the facade of buildings and its interiors. Alongside the other aspects of life, the outlook towards every field of work is also changing. Technology has taken the quick drive towards establishing a better world. Artificial Intelligence is the new trend to which the construction industry is gradually sliding into, and adapting to every such update is necessary to build an elegant edifice.