Samsung’s Foldable Clamshell leaks in hands-on images

Back in October, Samsung gave us the first look at the design of its upcoming foldable phone, where we saw the Foldable Clamshell form factor. Well, we now have the first hands-on images of this upcoming foldable phone from Samsung with a clamshell design. Now, it won’t be the first time a brand would go for a clamshell design for its foldable phone. Motorola has already done it with its Foldable Razr that was praised by everyone.

Just like the Motorola Razr, this upcoming Foldable Clamshell phone from Samsung has a vertically folding display on the inside & instead of a notch, there is a punch-hole for the single selfie camera. At first glance, it looks like it’s a 21:9 panel so the display is pretty long.

Now, just like the Motorola Razr of this year, there is a secondary display on the outside, but the display is pretty small in comparison. So, when you fold the device, this display shows the date, battery percentage & other things. There are dual cameras on the rear, so the camera setup has one lens less than the Galaxy Fold.

Well, it is still not known if this phone is launching as Samsung Galaxy Fold 2 or any other name. We will have to wait for more information.