Samsung smartphones with notches? Yes, it’s happening!

See, when Apple introduced notch with the iPhone X, it was there because Apple wanted to make the screen bigger with minimal bezels all around but also make some space for the extra sensors for Face ID. Then, Android makers started following Apple by launching phones with notches.

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But, if you noticed one issue with Android smartphones having notch design, that’s the issue of having a bottom chin. Apple folded the OLED panel underneath to connect it to the Display Controller on the rear (Normally, the display controller is on the front, and that’s the reason why Android phones have a chin). But, it is a process that increases the manufacturing cost of the phone. It looks weird when there is an Android device with a notch, but there is a bottom chin as well.

Samsung is a company that is yet to follow this notch trend. The company has stuck to its Infinity Display design from past couple of years. Regarding the symmetry, this looks better as there are even bezels on top and bottom compared to Android phones with notches as well as the bottom chin.

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But now, Samsung is going to follow the notch trend. The company, at the Samsung Developer Conference, announced different designs for the Infinity Display that we are going to see on next year’s phones from the company. So, there are four designs – Infinity-U, Infinity-V, Infinity-O, and the New Infinity. The Infinity-U has a notch in the shape of the letter ‘U’, and the same is the case with V and O.

The Infinity-O display has a notch on the top left of the phone and not in the middle. Finally, there is the New Infinity that we might see in next year’s flagships from the company. It is a fully bezel-less design for the display that has no cutouts or notches. As rumoured, the front camera might is placed under the display.

So, what do you think of this announcement from Samsung? When Apple launched iPhone X, Samsung made fun of it by various advertisements. Ironically, the company is now going to add cutouts in its phones. The New Infinity is the display we all are waiting to see on Samsung’s phones.



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