Samsung Galaxy S22 series pricing for Europe leaks

The starting price remains the same for S22 & S22+ as last year

Samsung has already officially announced that next month, we are getting the new Galaxy S22 series. As we know, there are three phones this year as well, and in terms of the design, only the S22 Ultra is getting a major redesign when compared to the previous generation. Well, now, we also know the prices of these phones, at least for the European market. These prices were shared by Roland Quandt on Twitter.

Samsung Galaxy S22 series pricing

So, as per Roland, the starting price of Galaxy S22 & Galaxy S22+ is the same in Europe as for the last year’s S21 & S21+.

The Samsung Galaxy S22 starts at €849 whereas the S21+ at €1049. For both phones, the base variant has 8GB RAM and 128GB storage. To get double the storage, you have to pay €50 extra.

Now, in the case of the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra, there are some interesting things to note. While the starting price remains the same as last year, the base variant has 8GB RAM instead of 12GB. So, for the same price as last year’s S21 Ultra, you are getting less RAM. The 12GB RAM variant is there, but that has 256GB storage as a base. That variant is priced at €1349. There is also a 12GB + 512GB variant that is priced at €1449. So, in the case of the S22 Ultra, there is a €100 price difference between each storage option.

Since we know that the European pricing is higher than other markets, it makes no sense to convert these directly into USD or INR. Still, there are reports that this time, the price for the US is going to be higher than last year. We may see as high as $100 increase in the price from last year.

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