Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra has the 108MP ISOCELL HM3 sensor

As we know already, Samsung will announce the Galaxy S21 series on the 14th of January next year & just like this year, there are three flagships under this series – S21, S21+ & the S21 Ultra. We already know that the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra has a 108 Megapixel primary rear camera just like this year’s S20 Ultra & the Note 20 Ultra. But today, Ice Universe revealed in a tweet that the sensor used on the Galaxy S21 Ultra is the ISOCELL HM3 which has not been announced yet.

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The ISOCELL HM2 was announced a couple of months ago & we haven’t yet seen any Samsung flagship with that sensor. If you don’t know, the Galaxy S20 Ultra & the Note 20 Ultra of this year have the ISOCELL HM1 sensor. Interestingly, the HM2 sensor (1/1.52”) is smaller in size than the HM1 sensor (1/1.33”). Samsung is expected to launch the ISOCELL 2.0 soon, which is an enhanced pixel technology & improves the light sensitivity to up to 12% compared to the ISOCELL Plus technology that the HM2 sensor uses. So we are expecting the ISOCELL HM3 sensor to have the ISOCELL 2.0 technology.

Ice Universe also revealed that the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra won’t have a Time of Flight sensor. Since the CAD renders have already revealed up to five camera sensors on the back of the phone, we wonder what those extra sensors (apart from the primary, ultrawide & the Periscope) are there for!