Samsung Galaxy A10, Galaxy A20 & Galaxy A30 confirmed to launch in India soon

After a long time, fans got what they wanted from Samsung in the budget segment, i.e., value for money phones. The Samsung Galaxy M10 and M20 (especially the M20) are really good budget phones, and the company won’t stop yet. By the end of Q1 2019 or at the beginning of Q2 2019, a few Galaxy ‘A’ series phones are launching in India and today, it was confirmed that the Samsung Galaxy A10, Galaxy A20 and Galaxy A30 are coming to the Indian market.

Despite being the ‘A’ series phones, the price will start at just Rs 8,499 for the Galaxy A10 which is weird since the Galaxy ‘A’ series is known for the mid-range phones priced above Rs 20,000. Still, if you compare the pricing with that of Galaxy M10, you will see that there is a price difference of just Rs 500 when we talk about the starting price. So, what’s going to be different?

According to the source, all these three Galaxy ‘A’ series phones will launch with AMOLED displays, something that we missed on the Galaxy M10 and M20 since both feature TFT displays. At the sub Rs 15,000 price, you will hardly find a phone with AMOLED screen, and this is what Samsung is now going to capitalize on. Apart from this, the batteries aren’t going to be as big as the Galaxy M20.

The Samsung Galaxy A10, A20 and A30 will have 4,000mAh or lower battery capacity so you won’t get a huge 5,000mAh battery like the M20 on any of the three phones.

The specifications aren’t known yet, but all the three phones might launch with the Exynos 7885, which is similar to the Exynos 7904 on the Galaxy M20. The Samsung Galaxy A10, as the name suggests, will be the cheapest of the three and hence feature 2GB RAM. Similarly, the A20 will launch with 3GB RAM and A30 with 4GB RAM.

The phones are expected to launch by the end of Q1 2019 or at the beginning of Q2 2019 in India.


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