Official Twitter Handle of Samsung Exynos Just Revealed the Note 8

We all are familiar with all the leaks of the upcoming Galaxy Note 8 that are making headlines these days in the smartphone world. The phone is expected to be the best Android smartphone of this year with some of the best features we can expect from a high-end phone of this year. Today, we have another look at the phone, but this time, no leaker or any online website has revealed the phone. Thanks to the official Twitter handle of ‘Samsung Exynos,’ we have got out first official look at the Galaxy Note 8.

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Galaxy Note 8 Exynos

Here in the image above, you can see a device that is surely not the Galaxy S8 or S8+ because it is flat and less curvy as compared to S8. Next, check out that display. You will hardly see any bezels on the sides, although the phone has them. This surely looks like a true Infinity Display that just blends with the frame on the sides. Also on the top, there is now even less space as compared to the S8. Same is the case with the bottom chin. Overall, this surely looks like a futuristic device with an ‘almost’ all-screen design from the front. Also, with those dual-curved sides, the phone looks more amazing.

So far, we know that the phone has Snapdragon 835, 6GB RAM, Dual 12MP rear cameras and a price of almost 1000€ ($900+). What do you think about the design of the Galaxy Note 8? Do let us know via the comments section.


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