Samsung will unveil 108MP camera sensor on August 12

Samsung is done with the Galaxy Note 10 series launch & now, the company announced another event where something exciting will be unveiled. A couple of days back, Xiaomi announced that it would bring a 108MP camera phone soon & Samsung makes this camera sensor. Now, Samsung has announced an event on August 12 where it is going to unveil this 108MP ISOCELL camera sensor.

Xiaomi 12S Ultra

The teaser says “Resolution Redefined” & it’s pretty true since the 108MP camera can take photos with a resolution that’s more than a 10K resolution. Now, we don’t know if it is going to be a true 108MP camera sensor or something like the 48MP GM1 sensor that just interpolates 12MP photos to 48MP. We hope it’s a true 108MP camera sensor as that would be something groundbreaking in smartphone cameras.

Xiaomi Mi MiX 4 108MP

Xiaomi Mi Mix 4 is expected to launch soon with this camera sensor, making it the world’s first 108MP camera phone. Let’s see how the camera performs & more details will be revealed by Samsung at the August 12 event.