Samsung will unveil 108MP camera sensor on August 12

Samsung is done with the Galaxy Note 10 series launch & now, the company announced another event where something exciting will be unveiled. A couple of days back, Xiaomi announced that it would bring a 108MP camera phone soon & Samsung makes this camera sensor. Now, Samsung has announced an event on August 12 where it is going to unveil this 108MP ISOCELL camera sensor.

The teaser says “Resolution Redefined” & it’s pretty true since the 108MP camera can take photos with a resolution that’s more than a 10K resolution. Now, we don’t know if it is going to be a true 108MP camera sensor or something like the 48MP GM1 sensor that just interpolates 12MP photos to 48MP. We hope it’s a true 108MP camera sensor as that would be something groundbreaking in smartphone cameras.

Xiaomi Mi MiX 4 108MP

Xiaomi Mi Mix 4 is expected to launch soon with this camera sensor, making it the world’s first 108MP camera phone. Let’s see how the camera performs & more details will be revealed by Samsung at the August 12 event.


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