Xiaomi’s ‘Redmi’ is now an independent brand, first launch on January 10

Xiaomi is arguably one of the fastest growing smartphone company. It is right now among the top five smartphone makers in the world. We all know that every year, Xiaomi launches smartphones in different lineups that include the most popular ‘Redmi’ series, the ‘Mi’ series and the ‘Mi Mix’ series. The ‘Redmi’ series from Xiaomi is so popular that the flagship ‘Mi’ series doesn’t get the limelight that it should get, despite the fact that the ‘Mi’ series flagships (like last year’s Mi 8, Mi 8 Pro, etc.) provide incredible value for money.

Xiaomi's 'Redmi' is now an independent brand
Xiaomi’s ‘Redmi’ is now an independent brand

Considering this, Xiaomi has now decided that ‘Redmi’ will be an independent brand. This is something that happened with Huawei and Honor in the past, and since Honor and Huawei now work as two independent brands, same is going to happen with ‘Xiaomi’ and ‘Redmi.’ So, we will have ‘Redmi’ brand for the budget and mid-range phones with great value for money, ‘Poco’ brand for the budget flagships and the ‘Mi’ brand for the high-end flagships.

The first smartphone launch under the separate ‘Redmi’ brand is happening on January 10 in China, and it is expected to be a smartphone with a 48MP primary camera on the rear. So, it could be the device that the Co-Founder of Xiaomi teased in a Weibo post in December last year.

It is worth mentioning that Xiaomi will let ‘Redmi’ be an independent brand in Mainland China and we cannot say if the same is going to happen in markets outside China. So, let’s see what are we going to get on January 10 from the all-new ‘Redmi’ brand.