Red Magic 7 design revealed via images on TENAA

TENAA listing previously revealed the specifications as well

In the first week of this month, we got to know the key specifications of the Red Magic 7 gaming phone, thanks to the TENAA listing. But, until today, we did not know how this phone looked like because the images were not available on TENAA. But now, the TENAA listing has revealed the design as well since the images of the phone are now listed on the page too. These images reveal that design-wise, there won’t be a huge change when compared to the last year’s Red Magic 6.

Red Magic 7 design

So, on the back, the triple cameras are still placed in the same way as the predecessor, and the triangular LED flash module is still present. The strip that runs from the camera module down to the bottom of the phone is now wider but less noticeable than last year. There is no text on the back except the company’s name. Now, we are not sure that it is going to be the case with the final device because last year’s Red Magic 6 series came with ‘Tencent Gaming’ branding in China. Now, one of the things to note here is the presence of a vent on the back.

Red Magic 7 design

On the last year’s Red Magic 6, there were vents on either side, so one was for the intake, whereas the other was to throw out the hot air. This time, things are slightly different. So, there is still a vent on the left side to throw out the hot air but, the intake vent is now on the back, not on the right side. The right side has the power button and two shoulder triggers. This is not the first time Red Magic has gone for a rear placement for the air intake vent. In fact, the Red Magic 3 of 2019 had the same placement too. Now, this change in the placement of the vents in the upcoming device could be due to an upgraded cooling system.

The switch on the left side is still present to quickly jump into the gaming mode, and we can also see a text saying “B1-3”.

Finally, the front design remains unchanged, so the Red Magic 7 still has the selfie camera placed on the top bezel instead of having a hole-punch cutout. This time, the camera is on the left side of the earpiece instead of on the right.

And well, that is all about the design of this phone. As we know already, this phone has a 6.8-inch OLED with a Full-HD+ resolution, Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 SOC, up to 16GB RAM and 512GB storage, a 64MP primary rear camera, an 8MP selfie camera, etc. There is still no official announcement from Red Magic regarding the launch.

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