Red Magic 5G scores 633,724 on AnTuTu, sets a new record

We already know that in coming months, some new gaming phones from brands like Nubia, Lenovo, Black Shark etc. are launching. One thing that these companies are doing is showing off the benchmark scores of their gaming phones. First Lenovo teased an AnTuTu score of over 600K, and then Black Shark showed off a score of 620,952, a record on AnTuTu.

Now, Nubia showed off the benchmark score of Red Magic 5G on AnTuTu & with a score of 633,724, this device has broken the record of Black Shark 3. This is now the highest score ever recorded on the AnTuTu Benchmark!

As we already know, the Red Magic 5G is coming with Qualcomm Snapdragon 865 5G SOC, up to 16GB LPDDR5 RAM, 64MP primary rear camera, a 4,400mAH battery & 55W Fast Charging. The OLED panel has a 144Hz refresh rate which is the highest on any smartphone so far!

There is a built-in high-efficiency centrifugal fan to keep the device temperature low while gaming. The fan inside the Red Magic 5G can spit up to 15,000 rpm which is an improvement over the 14,000 rpm rate of the Red Magic 3’s fan.

Well, the launch date is still unknown so we’ll have to wait for the announcement from the company.

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