Ideas to Recover Formatted Partition: Easy Data Recovery

Data loss because of a lost or formatted partition is not new. It often happens when you want to format partition “A” and accidentally choose partition “B.” There is nothing to worry because you can reverse your mistake with Recoverit Partition Recovery software.

If you want to recover formatted partition, Recoverit comes with a safe data recovery solution. With this reliable software, you can recover lost partitions on Mac and Windows volumes quickly. You will need this software for the following reasons:

  • Accidentally performed “Quick format” or “Full format” on a disk drive.
  • Formatted the key partition while reinstalling Windows.
  • After a virus attack or technical error that affects your partition

Main Features of Recoverit Data Recovery

Recoverit data recovery can be an ideal solution for lost partition recovery. See these points to understand the importance of this software solution:

  • Recovers data from lost partition or formatted drive
  • Supports NTFS and FAT formatted drives or partitions for data recovery. It can work with HFS volume on Mac.
  • You can retrieve digital image files, photo files, video and audio files, and documents from lost partitions even after changing your operating system. It can successfully recover data on Mac OS X.
  • Recoverit can restore data with original paths, file names and directory structure.
  • It is valid to recover files after partial format, reinstalling OS or after a restore operating on the system.
  • You can recover data from a reformatted drive, such as HFSX, HFS+ or FAT – NTFS, or NTFS – FAT32 and FAT16 – FAT32.
  • It allows you to preview your recovered data from deleted or formatted drives or partitions before data restoration.
  • You may get a chance to save and compress the recovered files on an easy drive.

Understand Data Loss Scenarios

  • After accidentally formatting a partition, you will lose data from your computer. Accidents are common because you may select the “F” drive instead of the “D” drive.
  • Errors while converting a file system can increase the chances of data loss.
  • Sometimes, you format a wrong drive or partition to reinstall an operating system.

If you lost data under any of these scenarios, you would need Recoverit Partition Recovery solution to retrieve important files. Here are some simple steps to restore data with Recoverit.

  • A free version is available for Windows and Mac. You can download a suitable version and install it on your PC.
  • Launch the software and see the pop-up window. You will see several options to start data recovery. Select “Formatted Disk Recovery” or any other suitable option. Finally, you will choose a drive to retrieve data.
  • Tap “Start” to continue with a scanning process. Scanning may take a few minutes. Once it is complete, you can view the list of recovered files.

You can preview these files to restore selective data or select all and hit the “Restore” button. Save these files to an external drive to avoid overwriting.

Address the Reasons for Data Loss

After data recovery, it is essential to address the reasons for data loss. The primary reason for formatted partition can be a malware or virus attack.  This attack can damage your partition table. The table carries essential information, and the suffering drive or partition become RAW.

If you want to decrease the chances of data loss because of malware or virus attack, you should back up your data. You must have almost two back-ups: an offline and an iCloud backup. Make sure to plan a full back of your system and use an external drive to secure your data. With this backup, you can quickly recover from hardware failure, malware, natural accidents, and errors. Pay attention to the security of your external drive. Disconnect it from the computer and keep it in a safe zone. For online backup, you can use iCloud, Google Drive or a third party software. This option can save you from hardware theft, failure, and natural accidents.

Update Software and Windows

Your PC must have the latest updates for software and Windows. An updated system can decrease the risk of malware attacks. To keep your system up-to-date, activate automatic updates for Windows or Mac.

Moreover, you can use a firewall and antimalware to protect your PC. A firewall can be a hardware or software-based application. These apps can block malicious attacks from viruses, ransomware, worms, and hackers. Always install a third-party security tool on your system. For the security of your system, you can’t forget antivirus solution. You should have this software to remove malware that can compromise your data, crash your drive or slow down your PC.

Keep this software updated to stay away from ransomware, worms, and viruses. Windows 10 has a default antivirus that offers real-time protection against rootkits, Trojans, Worms, spyware, and viruses. It can remove and detect ransomware like any other antivirus solution.