How to Enjoy Premium Apple TV Content on your Fire TV Stick?

Have you ever considered the possibility of enjoying Apple-specific content on Amazon’s nifty little streaming device? 

If not, this might just be the perfect read for you. Considering the possibilities of installing the Apple TV+ on the Fire TV Stick, we have finally devised a strategy that works without several workarounds. The hack, which we will take up at length in the subsequent sections, will give you easy access if exclusive Apple shows and films are what you seek.


Satiating each of your multiple streaming requirements, the Amazon Fire TV Stick is one of the better devices in the market to consider, precisely for your non-Smart television. The Fire TV Stick lets you access a wide range of streaming services, including games, movies, live TV, and whatnot.

However, it allows you to jailbreak the UI, specifically for installing third-party applications, games, and other resources. As much as this makes the Fire TV Stick a complete entertainment hub, it doesn’t harm to increase the potential and get other streaming services right into the mix. 


For those who are unaware of Apple’s premium streaming service, the TV Plus is an on-demand, subscription-based plan from Apple, which allows you to enjoy exclusive movies, Apple original content, and more at competitive pricing.

But then how to go about experiencing the wide range of content-specific options if you do not have the Apple TV+ 4K streamer at home and you see a Fire TV Stick lying around?


For the streaming enthusiasts, this section comes bearing good news. Despite being elusive for long, the Apple TV+ subscription has now been made compatible with the Fire TV stick. To make the most of this offering, you need to install the TV+ app on the Fire TV Stick by first unlocking the proprietary UI.

The process of Jailbreaking the Fire TV Stick is one of the necessary steps to getting anything elusive onto the device. You can always read this blog content from Fire Stick Tricks to get a better idea of the process and understand that Jailbreaking doesn’t even void the warranty of the TV Stick.

Once this step is out of the way, follow the pointers to get the Apple TV+ on the Fire TV Stick without breaking a sweat:

  • Head over to the home screen of the TV Stick
  • Click on the search tab at the upper left and type in Apple TV
  • Provided you have the third-party app downloader in place upon Jailbreaking the device, you can download and install the Apple TV+ app without any significant effort
  • Once installed, head over to the Apps & Channels section and relocate the same

Note: Once installed, you can activate the service by using the Apple ID and logging into the app. Having the password and ID serves you perfectly, but you can also scan the QR code and activate the same.


If you already have the Apple TV+ subscription on you, by this time, you should be able to watch shows and movies on the home screen. You might get flustered upon seeing certain movies flaunting a price tag even after buying the subscription. This is quite normal for Apple as certain content pieces aren’t originally a part of the TV+ service and need to be rented or bought separately. 

For those interested in the best options to watch, the reimagined version of the classic anthology in Amazing Stories is a good point to start. Comedy lovers can dig deep into Little America, but for the movie fanatics, nothing works better than The Banker, a cinematic brilliance that takes you back to the 1960s. 


As appropriate and expected, it could be the Prime Video app comes integrated with the Fire TV Stick, along with some other resources. In case you want to explore options other than the Apple TV+, you can always consider the likes of Discovery+, Vudu, Netflix, and almost every streaming service there is via side-loading.

Note: Getting a VPN is advisable before installing and using third-party applications. This added line of defense also works as a shroud of anonymity, allowing you to explore region-restricted content directly on the Fire TV Stick.


Getting disheartened upon thinking that you can only run the Apple TV+ on the Apple-specific streaming device, and now the Fire TV Stick is outrageously dumb. If you follow the right set of steps, accessing TV+ on Roku, Chromecast, and other media streamers is still possible, as per preferences. 

The Fire TV Stick inches slightly beyond other streaming devices, owing to the wide range of possibilities that make it the best streaming device for the Apple TV Plus.