Original Phone Case VS Custom Phone Case

What's the difference?

Instead of purchasing a new phone case to replace your original one, consider making a custom phone case instead. A custom-designed case can be more fun and just as durable as your original phone case. You can make an affordable case with a unique design that shows off your style. Here are some useful ideas for your phone case design

Promote Your Brand

To promote your business, you can make a custom phone case with your logo or brand colors. This can be given away as a gift to customers or used for promotional events. Free promos help customers appreciate your business as well as remember what your company has to offer.  

Protect Your Phone 

Custom phone cases made with a great on-demand printing company aren’t flimsy, but rather, they’re made of high-quality material. These durable phone cases can protect your phone from dents and cracked glass. They also prevent the hardware from being damaged, which can cause glitches in your phone’s software. 

Highly Customizable

Your phone case can be completely different, as your design can be unique, or it can be similar to other designs you’ve seen. If you can’t think of a graphic design, you can simply browse previous designs uploaded by others on the platform. You can choose solid colors, patterns, graphic images, quotes, jokes, and more. 

Monogram Cases

If you want to add a touch of class to your custom phone case, you can create a monogram phone cover. You can add your initials to your phone to give it a personalized feel and look. It will also make your phone easy to find when you’re hanging out with friends who might have the same phone as you. 

Add Key Memories

Instead of a pattern or design, you can add pictures of your favorite moments in life. Whether it’s a new baby, wedding, best friends, favorite car, fun vacation, or any other significant event, you can make your phone cover into a souvenir. 

Give As a Gift

You can design a phone cover for a family member or friend for a great stocking stuffer or cute gift. You can put a funny inside joke, a special memory, or just put their name in a beautiful script. 

Match Outfits

If you love fashion, you can create custom phone cases to match specific outfits. You can make multiple cases or make one case with key colors you commonly wear. With favorite purses or shoes, you can create a similar pattern for a very stylish look. If you hang out with your best friends often, you all can get matching phone cases to feel a greater sense of belonging. 

Switch Up Phone Case Styles

When you get bored of your phone case, it is easy to re-design a new one and order it. They are printed and shipped within days to your doorstep. If you can’t come up with your own ideas, you can browse previous designs to inspire yourself or to use for your phone. The possibilities are endless. 

Why Custom Phone Cases Are Better Than Your Original

In addition to convenience and affordability, custom phone cases are durable. They prevent your phone from being harmed but are more enjoyable to have. This is because you designed it, making a personal piece of artwork that you can reinvent whenever you want.