Oppo F9 Pro coming with VOOC charging & a ‘stylish’ notch

Oppo is the company that has already impressed everyone with its Find X smartphone and is all set to launch a new mid-range device. The F9 and F9 Pro are the two upcoming midrangers from Oppo that are coming with notch design, but this time, Oppo went for a different approach for the notch. Instead of copying the same design for the notch as that of the iPhone X and other Android smartphone makers, the company has added a notch with a design similar to one on Essential Phone.

So, the notch houses only the front-facing camera and that’s it. This is the reason why the notch is smaller, and so, the screen-to-body ratio is better than most of the phones out there with 19:9 screens. Still, it is a phone with a notch design, so not everyone is going to like it. Maybe the ‘Waterdrop Screen’ tag for the display is perfect due to that notch design.

The Oppo F9 Pro is coming with the VOOC Charging
The Oppo F9 Pro is coming with the VOOC Charging

There is one thing that might impress everyone, and that’s the Oppo’s VOOC charging. Usually, we see the high-end or upper mid-range phones like the R-series devices from Oppo with this fast charging technology. This is not the first time an ‘F’ series phone from Oppo is launching with VOOC charging. In fact, the Oppo F1 Plus launched in 2016 featured VOOC charging, and so did the Oppo F3 Plus of last year.

According to Oppo, just 30 minutes of charging will charge the battery up to 70%, thanks to the VOOC charging. Practically, expect 50% charging in just 30 minutes.

One more thing that you can notice in the image above is that the phone has a gradient color variant too whose color changes from Red to pink to violet. We can also see some patterns on the rear panel.

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There is no information about the specifications or the pricing yet so stay tuned for that.