OnePlus Launcher Goes Live on the Play Store, Again

OnePlus’s OxygenOS is surely one of best ‘near stock Android’ skins. In fact, OnePlus tried to follow the less-is-more approach that means the company adds new features to Oxygen OS only when they are needed to improve the Android experience of the user. This is the reason why the Oxygen OS is one of the best custom skins that sit on the top of Android OS. A few weeks back, the OnePlus Launcher was spotted on the Google Play Store which was then pulled off by the company.

OnePlus Launcher is officially on the Google Play.

OnePlus 5 came with the upgraded Launcher, and a few weeks back, the OnePlus Launcher was spotted on the Google Play Store which was then pulled off by the company. Looks wise, the launcher is almost same as the stock Pixel Launcher but the ability to use custom icon packs and the shelf feature makes it one of a kind. Today, OnePlus made the OnePlus Launcher, live on the Google Play store, again.


OnePlus Launcher Play Store

Here are some of the features mentioned on the Play Store –

1. WYSIWYG Settings – 

WYSIWYG – “What you see is what you get,” OnePlus launcher provides options most intuitively. You always can preview the changes before you apply them. Just a glance, stay cool, no need to check it again and again.

2. Organize your life in Shelf – 

The shelf is a space that only reserved for you. You can place what you want in it and make it your way. Also, we make something special for you such as weather info, quick notes, and recently launched apps. Hopefully, a simple swipe can help you find all you need for the whole day.

3. Secret gestures – 

Under the options, we preset gestures for you to quick access notifications and the search. Try swiping up or down on your home screen, and you will like it for sure.

4. Customize your icons – 

OnePlus launcher supports a wide range of icon packs. You can change them simply by a tap in options or drag an icon to the top. In addition to our default icon packs, there are hundreds of icon packs on the market for you. Download your favorite ones and give them a try.

Right now, it seems only the OnePlus devices are eligible to install it via the Google Play Store. If it isn’t made available for all the phones, we hope that developers will soon port it to other devices. Stay Tuned.