OnePlus Concept One teased with “Invisible Camera”

At the CES 2020, OnePlus is going to showcase a smartphone & no, it is not the OnePlus 8 or OnePlus 8 Pro. Instead, it is named OnePlus Concept One. Well, it was previously rumored that it is going to be a foldable phone from the brand, but today, OnePlus revealed in a teaser that it is a phone with an “Invisible Camera” & color-shifting glass technology.

So, what’s the catch with the “Invisible Camera”? Well, OnePlus is joining hands with the popular British automobile manufacturer, McLaren, to use the glass technology that we see in the sunroofs of the high-end cars. Well, this glass technology is used on the rear that covers the triple camera setup & what it does is pretty fascinating.

An electrical signal triggers the glass to change its tint & show the cameras underneath it that are otherwise hidden. This means you won’t see any camera lens on the rear unless you open the camera app to use the cameras. OnePlus revealed some details with an exclusive talk with Wired & Pete Lau, the CEO of OnePlus, said that the company has no plans to ship this device anytime soon because it is just a “Concept.”  He further added that –

This phone represents a bold exploration for OnePlus and is also a representation of overcoming a lot of [engineering] challenges. With this approach, we’ll be able to produce smaller amounts of the product and, with feedback from a small group of users, look at the possibility of making a device that’s available for users more widely.

There aren’t any changes in the specifications compared to the OnePlus 7T Pro McLaren Edition. There is the same triple camera setup on the rear that includes a primary 48MP shooter, a secondary 16MP Ultra-Wide-Angle lens & a third telephoto lens with 3X Optical Zoom.

OnePlus Concept One Sketch
OnePlus Concept One Sketch (Via – Wired)

The design is new & as per Wired, they saw the phone in person, and it has a Papaya Orange Leather back with stitches along the edges & an electrochromic glass in the center on the rear that also covers the camera layout. As per Pete Lau, the glass on the OnePlus Concept One can go from Opaque to translucent or from “Off” to “On” is less than a second.

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