OnePlus 9 Pro is coming with a Quad-HD+ LTPO panel

This information was revealed by Max Jambor on Twitter today

More than a week ago, we got to know the design of the OnePlus 9 Pro as the live images of the phone surfaced online. These live images revealed that OnePlus has partnered with Hasselblad which is a big thing as it means OnePlus is serious regarding cameras on its flagships. The live images also confirmed that the phone has a 120Hz 1440p panel. Well today, Max Jambor revealed on Twitter that the OnePlus 9 Pro has an LTPO panel, something we have seen on phones such as the Note 20 Ultra and the Galaxy S21 Ultra.

So what’s so special about an LTPO panel? For starters, LTPO stands for LTPO is Low-Temperature Polycrystalline Oxide and the name is quite similar to LTPS which stands for Low-Temperature Polysilicon. One of the biggest advantages of LTPO over LTPS is that it consumes lesser power and also, it allows to dynamically set the refresh rate. This is the reason why Galaxy S21 Ultra has a display whose refresh rate can be varied dynamically so depending on the content on the screen, it can go as low as 10Hz and as high as 120Hz.

You can imagine a scenario of Always On Display. If there is no dynamic refresh rate, then the screen will be set to 120Hz so more battery power will be consumed. On the other hand, if there is an LTPO panel, then the software will understand that there is no need for such a high refresh rate for AOD so it will lower it to, let’s say, 10Hz.

Well, all the leaks so far indicate that the OnePlus 9 Pro is going to be a really impressive flagship from the brand. If you don’t know already, the phone has a 4,500mAh battery and supports 65W fast charging. There is also 45W Wireless Charging support. The display measures 6.78-inches and is a Quad-HD+ panel.