SURPRISE! The OnePlus 5 is ‘Unofficially’ WaterProof

For all the OnePlus 5 owners, this is still a complicated question if the device is waterproof or not because OnePlus didn’t officially say any word about it at the official launch. We have seen quite a lot of tests on YouTube that show that the phone can survive if water falls on it and also if it is immersed in water. So, does it mean that the phone is waterproof? Today we came to know that the device is ‘Unofficially’ waterproof.

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OnePlus 5 could be waterproof!

In fact, if the OnePlus 5 passes the certifications, it would get IP67 Rating that means the phone is dust and water resistant. Now, if you don’t know, the IP67 rating means that the phone can survive underwater up to 1m for almost 30 minutes. The Apple iPhone 6S was also nearly waterproof but the company never officially talked about this. Same is the case here. OnePlus has said that the company won’t be responsible for the poor exposure of the phone to water.

In an interview with The Indian Express, the Co-Founder, and CEO, Pete Lau said –

I am not convinced that waterproofing is a big consumer requirement. It just ends up making the phone thicker and heavier. OnePlus 5 does, in fact, come with water resistance, to a degree, but the company didn’t want to advertise it.

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