OnePlus 5 Will be the ‘Thinnest’ Flagship Smartphone, As per the CEO

The OnePlus 3 was a solid device of last year, and apart from the price and specifications, one of the things that made it stand out of other smartphones was the design. The phone was pretty thin at 7.4mm and lightweight too. Now, as the launch of OnePlus 5 is nearing, we are getting to know new things about the phone. Today, the CEO of the company i.e., Pete Lau has said on Weibo that the phone will be the thinnest flagship smartphone.

OnePlus 5 thinnest flagship

This is something that most of the users won’t like as a thin body will mean pretty small battery size and the only thing we need in all the high-end phones right now is a big battery. No matter if the phone has got the latest processor and Android, the battery life is surely one of the determining factors for choosing a smartphone. There is no doubt that OnePlus will try to make the Dash Charging even faster as the OnePlus 3 and 3T are already among the fastest charging smartphones with OnePlus’s Dash Charging.

Also, he posted this on Weibo via the OnePlus 5. Till now, the thinnest smartphone by the company is OnePlus X with 6.9mm thickness, but that’s not in flagship category, so it’s the OnePlus 3, which is the thinnest flagship right now from all other flagships launched by OnePlus. So, would you like to see an even thinner phone from OnePlus? Do let us know via the comments section.