Old Nokia 3310 vs New Nokia 3310: What’s New & Improved?

Old Nokia 3310 vs New Nokia 3310

Nokia is a company that is back from the dead after few years, and unsurprisingly, people showed the same excitement for Nokia. It is true that Nokia 5 & 3 didn’t impress us that much, but among all the new Nokia smartphones announced at the MWC event, the Nokia 3310 was the phone that people wanted to see. It has been re-launched with completely new features and almost the same design as the old one. So, are you thinking about the key differences between Old and New 3310? Well, we have got you covered.  We will be talking about Old Nokia 3310 vs New Nokia 3310 so let’s start.

Old Nokia 3310 vs New Nokia 3310



Old Nokia 3310 vs New Nokia 3310

Starting off with the design, the new 3310 is completely different if we consider the build material. We hope that the new one will be ‘indestructible’ as the old one. The new phone is now a bit curvier and rounded in shape. The buttons are almost the same as on the old Nokia 3310 with an oval-shaped design. One of the most significant changes in the new Nokia 3310 is the screen. It is no longer that monochrome display and has been replaced with the color display now.


Old Nokia 3310 vs New Nokia 3310
Credits: FoneArena

Unlike the old one, the New Nokia 3310 now features a camera which is a 2MP sensor and that too with a LED flash. It might not compete with those big megapixel cameras, but still, for the old people, this is a perfect feature phone. Since it has a camera, there is no doubt that you’ll need storage to store your photos. Well, the new Nokia 3310 now comes with a 16GB internal memory that can be expanded up to 32GB. Perfect?



The Nokia phones have always been famous for the insane battery life they offer, and the Nokia 3310 has a battery of 1200mAh with 22 Hours of Talktime and over one month of Standby time. This is because there are no additional apps on the phone that will run in the background.


Old Nokia 3310 vs New Nokia 3310

Remember ‘Snake Xenzia’? Well, that was one of the most played mobile games at its time, and it is back with the new Nokia 3310 but with a new design for the color display.

So, this was the comparison of Old Nokia 3310 vs New Nokia 3310. Are you going to buy one for yourself? Do let us know via the comments section.