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RIP! No More ZUK Branded Phones as Lenovo Shuts Down ZUK Mobile



May 28th, 2015 was the day when ‘ZUK Mobile’ was formed. If you don’t know, it is a spin-off of the smartphone business by Lenovo. The ZUK Z1 was the very first device from the company that got an incredible response from the users. Even Lenovo’s CEO said that – “ZUK is one of the Chinese tech giant’s major steps in its business transformation in the Internet era.” But, unfortunately, Lenovo is now shutting down the sub-brand, and so, we won’t see any more ZUK branded devices in future. So, you can surely consider the ZUK Edge to be the last device by ‘ZUK Mobile.’

ZUK Mobile Shutting Down

This major step has been taken after Lenovo revealed its plans to merge all its smartphone brands under one single brand. So, from now, Lenovo will focus on the ‘Moto’ devices along with its Vibe series of the mid-range phones. It is quite weird to know that ZUK is shutting down as it was an independent sub-brand of Lenovo. You can consider it as Honor is to Huawei.

Just a few days back, we heard that Lenovo is going to use the ZUK UI in the upcoming Moto devices which is not good news for all the Moto lovers out there who love Stock Android and Clutterless experience. But, if you are a ZUK fan, this could be a good news as you will get the same experience. What are your views on this news? Is it a good step by Lenovo to shut down ‘ ZUK Mobile’? Do let us know via the comments section.


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