Google Testing New Design For Pixel Launcher, Search Bar Returning

Last year, Google planned to ditch the Google Now Launcher for Pixel devices and instead, introduced the all new Pixel Launcher. The Pixel launcher brought the new ‘Swipe Up to Open App Drawer’ option and some other UI changes like Dock background, round icons and not to forget the Google search widget that displayed the Google Search icon as well as Date and Time. It seems like Google is testing a new design for the Pixel launcher and this new design will bring back the Google Search bar from the Google Now Launcher but in a slightly different design.

Pixel Launcher

As you can see in the above screenshot, the new design brings the Google Search bar again, and there is no date or time shown now. Probably, that will be added in next design, but personally, I think that the date and time will look perfect in that white background of the Search bar on the opposite side of Google logo. Now, you might think how to get this new design if you are already using the Pixel launcher. Well, many users have reported that clearing App Data of the Launcher lets you have the new design. So, if you get the new design, do let us know if you found any more improvements in the design.