How To Move Whatsapp From iPhone To Android

Whatsapp is a top-rated messaging app from Facebook, which helps you to connect with your family and friends on messaging, and lately, it starting supporting audio calls and video calls as well. One can use the feature of group calling also to call multiple people in their lists. Whatsapp backup is a feature provided by WhatsApp, which regularly backup your data so that if you lose or uninstall your account, you can retrieve your data back if needed.

If you are a current IOS user, then you can use the WhatsApp transfer feature. The access these features should go in their chat setting, and there choose the email chat option. You can select you whether you want to transfer data, including media files or without media files. Hence you can send your data with this transfer feature provided by the WhatsApp.


One can use chat backup and then pick up for transfer. Here are some ways using which transmission can be performed easily.

Step 1: Install and launch Dr.Fone software on your laptop or PC

In this process, you will need to have a PC or laptop.

Step 2: Connect Android and iPhone devices to your computer

Using the smartphones’ cords, connect the devices to your computer.

Step 3: Select ‘Transfer WhatsApp Messages’

On your Phone screen, go ahead and select WhatsApp Transfer >WhatsApp> Transfer WhatsApp Messages.

Wait for your Android and iPhone to get detected. Once they are successfully detected, you can see the image below on your screen.

The software detects both Android and iPhone smartphones.

Step 4: Click ‘Transfer’


Is It Safe To Use Third Party Applications?

Multiple tests run on this application, and it has been proved that it is not a threat to your digital privacy. This comes with anti-malware and anti-virus programs, which ensures the safety of your device from unwanted elements like these. There are more than 80% of the third-party apps on your cell phone, which can be the risk to your device, and this app is very reliable that it ensures the safety of your device, so yes, one can use the dr. Fone with full confidence.

Is The App Free?

The app comes with a free trial version that lasts for one month or two months, depending upon the offer running, and then one has to buy the premium membership to avail of the various offers provided by this app. It is an excellent deal to pay for such a service because data recovery and backup is a critical task. After all, the data is gone; it might cost you a lot more than investing in service providing application. There are a couple of offers running on their membership program, so you can buy them at an excellent discount and enjoy the features for an extended period.

Here is a quick summary of dr. fone that is helpful to transfer WhatsApp Backup messages from iPhone to android:

Dr. fone is an all-rounder software and application which supports multiple devices and also various operating systems. The primary function of this application is to ease out your transferring process and helps your to restore your data if your phone might be got stolen or due to some reasons files are corrupted or device is damaged or have some booting issues.