The Moto E5 series may not get even a single major Android Update

Motorola is late to the party, but it is good to see some new Moto devices in 2018. In case you don’t know, Motorola launched its new E and G series phones for 2018 on April 19 in Brazil. Just like last year, the company has launched a lot of phones in these two series, and there are six new Moto devices in total – Moto E5, E5 Play, E5 Plus, G6, G6 Play and G6 Plus. Now, if you are looking to buy any of the E series phones, then there is bad news for you regarding the software updates.

Moto E5
Moto E5 series may not get even a single Android Update!

Ars Technica reports that Moto hasn’t promised any major Android updates for the latest E5 series. The phones will only be getting the Security Patches. These won’t be monthly security updates as the phones are going to receive the security updates every 60-90 days. Talking about the G6 series, only one major Android update is coming for the 2018’s G series phones so you should expect only the Android P update.

Well, users already don’t like this ‘slow software update’ policy of Motorola and this new information about the E and G series is surely not good for the company’s reputation.

Motorola, it’s time to get serious about software updates!