How To Track SMS, Calls, & Other applications Via the Mobile Tracker Software

Have you ever tried to control the online activities of your employees or your children? If yes, then with the diversification in the smartphone apps, it becomes difficult for you to track the online activities. But, with the Cell Phone Tracker, you can record call history, camera, WhatsApp, Skype, Viber, SMS, Instagram and contacts activities.

What needs to be done to install the Hoverwatch?

Mobile Tracker

  1. You must sign up for free online account by entering your email ID and password
  2. Then you must download and install the Mobile Tracker from your online account
  3. Now, your device is ready to monitor all recorded data.

Features of Android Mobile Tracker

  1. No sign of visibility: This is one of the coolest features of this app, where you can record and track all the activities of the tracked device, without even getting noticed by the user of the tracked device.
  2. Record calls and text messages: Hoverwatch has the SMS tracker which will allow you to record every single incoming and outgoing call. Also, you can track the SMS, and MMS received or sent by the user. You can even view the image included in the MMS from your online account.
  3. Front Camera Photo: Whenever a user unlocks the screen, the SMS and call tracker captures a photo from the front camera.
  4. Geo-location Feature: This feature helps you to identify the location of the target device user from your online account. This works for your Wi-Fi signals, GPS and cell towers to track the monitored device.
  5. SIM Card Replacement feature: If the user removes the SIM card, still the SMS tracker will track the device using the Android tracker software. Also, you will get the notification every time if the user opts for the change of SIM card.

Features of Windows PC Tracker:

  1. Desktop screenshots: You can view what the user was accessing from your Windows PC as the tracker captures the screenshots.
  2. Webcam Photos: You can have a look on the surrounding of the device users from the webcam photos feature.
  3. Remote settings: You can track the settings and uninstall the applications remotely.
  4. Search history: You can view the online activity like what has been searched on Google, Bing, and Yahoo because the tracker generates a report of the search history.
  5. Apps usage feature: You can monitor the time when the monitored device has been used. Also, you can have a look that which the user opened game and apps.

Features of MAC Computer tracker:

  1. Internet History: Using the Keylogger Mac Computer version you can view the internet activity information, which includes the URLs, time details and the titles of the visited pages.
  2. Facebook details and Keyboard Logger: You can view all the messages intercepted on Facebook. Also, you can track each word entered through the keyboard which includes contact names, emails, search requests and text messages.
  3. Regular Screenshots: You can see the snapshots captured from the desktop which was seen by the user.

Advantages of the Invisible Mobile Tracker:

Google Pixel 7

  1. You can track the device of your children while they are out, you can use the tracker feature to know who calls and texts your kid.
  2. Another advantage of this tracker is that you can know the exact location of your children when they are on away from home.
  3. You can intercept SMS, search histories, record calls, log browsing sessions, and detect SIM card changes from your online account.

Also, you can install Refog Personal Monitor in your system to capture what your kid does, copy and paste all the activities on the computer’s screen, social networking conversations, log chats and keep track of all the online activities.

Refog monitoring solutions keep the software logs and monitors all the activities on the computer where you have installed the software.