MediaTek Dimensity 820 5G goes official, based on the 7nm process

Last year in December, MediaTek unveiled the Dimensity 800 5G SOC for mid-range devices & it was launched as a cheaper alternative to the flagship Dimensity 1000L SOC. Today, MediaTek Dimensity 820 was launched in China & as the name shows, it is an upgraded version of the Dimensity 800 chipset. Just like the Dimensity 800, the 820 is based on the 7nm manufacturing process & there are some major performance upgrades.

MediaTek Dimensity 820 Specs

The Dimensity 820 chipset comes with an octa-core CPU that has 4x Cortex-A76 performance-based cores clocked at 2.6GHz & 4x Cortex-A55 Efficiency-based cores clocked at 2.0GHz. Dimensity 800 has the same configuration, but the clock speed is higher in case of the Dimensity 820 when it comes to performance-based cores (2GHz vs 2.6GHz).

The GPU is also an upgrade. Both Dimensity 820 & 800 feature the Arm Mali-G57 GPU, but while the Dimensity 800 has a Quad-Core GPU, the GPU’s core count is five in case of the Dimensity 820.

Like the flagship Dimensity 1000+ SOC, the Dimensity 820 supports dual SIM 5G as well, which is missing in the case of Dimensity 800.

MediaTek Dimensity 820 vs Snapdragon 765G

MediaTek compared the benchmark score of Dimensity 820 with that of Snapdragon 765G SOC & as we can see in the image above, Dimensity 820 is 7% better when we talk about single-core performance & 37% better when we talk about the multi-core performance.

On AnTuTu benchmark, Dimensity 820 scores around 415,000, so that’s impressive.

Redmi 10X is the first smartphone powered by the MediaTek Dimensity 820 5G SOC & it will be launched in China on May 26th.