One of the LG V30’s Dual Cameras will have f/1.6 Aperture

LG V30 rumors, renders, and leaks are all set to reveal every single detail about the smartphone. Today, the user manual of the device revealed the design of the phone that confirms the previous renders. Just like the G6, LG will surely try to make the camera of the V30 as good as possible. Today, we got a very interesting information about the camera of the V30.

So far, we have seen that the largest aperture in any smartphone right now is f/1.7 which is present in the cameras of phones like the HTC U11, Galaxy S8, Moto G5 Plus, etc. We see that the aperture of the camera lens varies from f/1.7 to f/2.2 in the present smartphones. But, the LG V30 is going to be the smartphone with the largest aperture in the whole smartphone history.

LG V30 aperture
LG V30 aperture

There is information from some sources that one of the dual cameras of the V30 has a f/1.6 aperture. If you don’t understand what aperture is, then here is a better explanation by Photography Life

In photography, the aperture is expressed in f-numbers (for example f/5.6). These f-numbers that are known as “f-stops” are a way of describing the size of the aperture, or how open or closed the aperture is. A smaller f-stop means a larger aperture, while a larger f-stop means a smaller aperture. Most people find this awkward since we are used to having larger numbers represent larger values, but not in this case. For example, f/1.4 is larger than f/2.0 and much larger than f/8.0.

So, the f/1.6 aperture is larger than the f/1.7, f/1.8 and so on. A larger aperture like f/32 means that all the foreground or the background objects are taken in focus but a larger aperture like f/1.6 and f/1.7 means that only the foreground object is taken into focus and background is blurred out. The larger the aperture, the sharper is the foreground object and better is the blurring of the background.

LG will surely try to step up its camera game with the V30, and we are excited to see some great competition between the upcoming phones like iPhone 8, Galaxy Note 8, LG V30 and the Pixel 2. What is your take on this news? Do let us know via the comments section.


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