Instagram confirms portrait mode feature ‘Focus’ is under testing

Instagram keeps testing new features in the app, and more and more features are added with new updates. We already have features like Stories, Boomerang, Superzoom, etc. and recently, it was found by a Twitter user Ishan that a ‘Portrait Mode’ feature is in works. The icon of this feature was found after decompiling the Instagram apk file. Now, Instagram has officially said that the company is indeed working on such feature and it will be called ‘Focus.’

Instagram told TechCrunch that –

We are testing a camera format that lets you easily capture artistic quality photos and video, as another way to improve the experience on Instagram and make it easier to share everyday moments with the people who matter to you

The New 'Focus' feature in Instagram
The New ‘Focus’ feature in Instagram

So basically, this feature adds a background blur just like all the phones with Portrait mode do. The option says ‘Find a Face’ when selected and when it founds one, a background blur is applied to give an overall portrait mode style look.

Focus Feature in Instagram
Focus Feature in Instagram

But, don’t think the overall result to be great as it looks pretty average with a weird effect around the edges of the subject.

But, it is just the beginning, and we expect to see better results with this feature with new updates. Also, more and more phones are now coming with dual cameras and portrait mode so the feature might work pretty well with them. What are your views on this upcoming feature