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Huawei is blocking all third-party launchers on EMUI 9



Huawei might be the second largest smartphone maker in the world, but it is not the most loved brand due to all the controversies related to it. Last year, Huawei announced that it would no longer provide bootloader unlocking for all the phones, which was a surprise for the developer community. Now, the company is going to clock all the third-party launchers on EMUI 9 which is yet another surprise and might not be good news for everyone who loves customizing his/her Android.

Huawei is blocking third-party launchers on EMUI 9

Huawei is blocking third-party launchers on EMUI 9

As per Huawei, the company wants to maintain the customer experience, and this is the reason why all the third-party launchers will be blocked on EMUI 9. Huawei said that a lot of customers reported issues while trying third-party launchers on their phones. And it doesn’t end here as the company said the third-party launchers come with bloatware pre-installed which results in degrading the overall performance of the phone.

Huawei said that most of the third party launchers come with ads which again affect the customer experience and privacy.

EMUI is not the best custom skin out there and so, not the most loved one. Now that the company is going to block the third-party launchers, we wonder how much this is going to affect the customization, which is one of the things that make Android different from other operating systems like the iOS.  This is a step that Huawei shouldn’t have taken.


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